Movies with great messages that will make you shed a tear

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Movies with great messages that will make you shed a

Any self-respecting movie technically has some kind of drama, but that doesn’t make it completely dramatic. Wikipedia calls it “a film genre that relies primarily on the development of realistic characters that deal deeply with emotional issues”.

For us, it opens the doors to biographies, love affairs, movies with social messages and scenes full of dialogue. Of course, there is also the “traditional” drama, which is loved mainly by critics in the academy; yeah, sometimes it’s really good. In dramatic movies, no laser guns, no superheroes.

They’re often based on great works of literature or the lives of important people, and the best ones leave you pondering not just the movie you just watched, but your own beliefs as well.

Movies that will penetrate you deeply and leave great teachings

Compiling some of the dramatic movies that have stood out the most, we suggest 7 for you to make a dramatic escape from everyday life and you know what? Maybe you’ll start thinking differently!

1.Sweet November

Sweet November is one of those dramatic movies that you only see because it stars Keanu Reeves. However, he beats you along the way because somewhere he identified with the futility of romantic love. It’s one of those movies where you try to hold back tears, but you can’t.

The story is nothing more than a love story, with the difference that the protagonist is presented as a “forever single” and an “enemy of relationships” while her mentality has more depth. Without a doubt, after this movie you will begin to say “I love you” more often to the people around you because you will understand that there is no point in leaving it for “tomorrow”.

2. American History X

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A former neo-Nazi is released from prison and discovers that his younger brother is making the same mistakes. He tries to prevent it and with many memories of the past, we understand why. Of the dramatic movies that are printed for you. Seeing her is a punch in the stomach and the messages she transmits are stormy. Edward Norton delivers an Oscar-winning performance that, along with the script and direction, blows your mind.

3. The green mile

Perhaps one of the best movies in history with a terrible script based on Stephen King’s book, the master of terror. Drama movie starring Tom Hanks, who never disappoints you with his talent. It is an antecedent of American prisons and the death penalty, which was dominant in those years. A prisoner who has been sentenced to death for the murder and rape of two girls has a special gift.

His jailers find out quickly and along the way begin to doubt his guilt. The main talent of the film was Michael Clarke Duncan. It’s one of those movies that you watch over and over again and it will always make you cry.

4.Forrest Gump

Another dramatic film with Tom Hanks that has marked many, with strong performances and obvious lessons. Alabama, United States. A child is born with an IQ of 75. But what kind of life will he have when everyone makes fun of him? And yet he denies them all, because he will go far, he always has the best intentions, he knows how to love and they love him too.

He will become a football and ping pong star, serve in Vietnam, see several US presidents up close, and strike it rich. And in the end he proves that even those with a low IQ have a place in the world and can achieve a lot. The film won loads of awards and, combined with Alan Silvestri’s mesmerizing score, makes for an amazing film.

5. Manchester by the sea

Movies with great messages that will make you shed a

###Among the dramatic movies that promise to destroy your psyche, this one definitely ranks high. The film follows the daily life of Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck), until he is informed that his brother has died. New obligations force him to return to the city where he grew up and which he avoided for so many years. With mastery Kenneth Lonergan presents the events constantly managing to change the image of the protagonist in the eyes of the spectators. Little by little he builds sympathy, compassion, until the end where now you respect his choices because you know how things are.


###A different movie, which deserves to be on the list of must-see dramas, is Her. In a future society inextricably linked to technology, we witness the relationship that Joaquin Phoenix develops with the female voice of the intelligence system provided by his operating system. The play deals with concepts of love, faith and false reality in the modern century, winning an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. A topic as relevant as ever with unique performances and direction.

7. Whiplash

###This work is a hymn to the value of effort since talent alone is not enough to reach the top. It belongs to the dramatic films that break into the theater and undress the perfect image. He lets the audience know that nothing is as easy as it seems and discusses how persistence and patience bring out the skill that leads to recognition.

Thoroughly influenced by Buddy Rich and Charlie Parker, D. Chazelle creates a film about the love of music, the pursuit of a dream, and the power of discipline. Principal of the High School of Music, teacher and strict conductor, Terence Fletcher demands precision from everyone. A jazz drummer, Andrew, comes into his crosshairs when he fails to keep the 7/4 tempo on the Whiplash track.

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