New workout for legs and accelerate fat burning

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New workout for legs and accelerate fat burning

Getting a daily exercise may be more helpful than going to the gym once a week, according to the University of Texas Medical Center at Galveston. And we found the perfect exercise, which requires no special equipment, just a bottle of water and 15 minutes! The results might surprise you.

Not only effective in bringing slender legs, simple water bottle exercises also help eliminate many health risks for women.

A health expert from the University of Texas-Galveston, USA mentioned: This simple exercise with a water bottle brings unexpected results, no less than a workout in the gym. This exercise activates the muscular system of the inner part of the thighs, the outermost muscles of the abdomen and lower back, increasing the rate of fat burning and therefore helping you to have firmer thighs.

How can you practise?

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Prepare a water bottle with the largest diameter possible, place it in the thigh area between the legs, under the crotch.

Use the inside of your thighs to apply pressure to the bottle.

Hold the position, tighten your abdominal muscles, gently rock your pelvis in a circular motion.

Perform the movement at a medium speed, not too fast and not too hard to avoid knee injuries.

Different levels of difficulty

Exercise to have stronger legs and improve fat burning
  • easy level: Place the bottle on the upper thigh area, just below the crotch area.
  • Moderate: Place the bottle just between the groin and the knee.
  • High difficulty level: The bottle is pressed between the knees.

This exercise helps you feel the action of the muscles, promoting effective fat burning.

Benefits of daily practice

In addition to significantly reducing excess fat in the thigh area, the bottle exercise also helps reduce back painincrease abdominal muscles, improve colon function and eliminate health problems in women such as intestinal prolapse, difficulty urinating, among others.

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