Quick hairstyles for any occasion and look splendid

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If you are one of the girls who does not have time to get a well-groomed and expensive hairstyle, which can take a long time, this time we are going to teach you how to get quick and easy hairstyles that will help you look more than good and on any occasion.

Women always have a fairly hectic pace of life: they are professionals, mothers and housewives, so they have less and less time to dedicate to themselves and looking beautiful.

On many occasions they have events, parties or important meetings that deserve to be well presented, that’s why we bring you these quick hairstyles to look beautiful and elegant in less than 5 minutes.

A braided ponytail

A blonde girl with a quick hairstyle using braids

A young woman with quick hairstyles and looking very beautiful

A woman with an elegant and quick hairstyle

A ponytail can give a very elegant touch, as long as it is well done; this pigtail with braid will look perfect and is very easy to do.

First the upper part of the hair is taken and a ponytail is fastened. With the lower part of the hair a thick braid is made.

Take the braid and wrap it around the ponytail and twist as many times as necessary until it’s all curled up.

It is attached with bobby pins and you can add a bit of hairspray and voila! We also leave you these examples of braids to perform quick hairstyles that will make you look natural and well-groomed forever.

A quick and easy pickup

a tutorial for quick ponytail hairstyles

step by step how to do a quick hairstyle with a bun

For something even more elegant, you can make a kind of very simple bun and chic. First, make sure your hair is smooth and untangled, then separate two strands and twist them until they are joined with a rubber band behind your head.

The ponytail is hollowed out so that it can be passed into the hair and hidden, further twisting the hair. Then all the hair is taken and fixed with hairpins at the height of the twists, fluffing it so that it is collected.

easy hairstyle with braids

A girl wearing a braid and updo in her hair

step by step how to make a simple and fast braid

An updo to the side

Loose hair in waves and braids will always look well groomed. You must take two strands of hair and twist them into themselves, they are joined at the back of the head with a small ponytail.

With the hair that remains in the ponytail, make the braid that you like the most and join it at the end with a rubber band. And voila, you have achieved a simple hairstyle and chic.

There are many other hairstyles that are just as simple and can be done in 5 minutes or less. You just have to look for them and let your creativity fly too.

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