Separation hurts more for women, but they recover faster

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Separation hurts more for women but they recover faster

One of the worst experiences we can suffer is that the man we love tells us that everything is over, that it is time to go our separate ways. But it’s even worse when they left you for someone else. Well, if you’re a woman and that happens to you, instead of getting depressed, you should have one of your best smiles because a study says that after giving up, the best comes.

Women suffer more after separating from their partner

There appear to be gender differences in grief and recovery after a breakup. Women experience more emotional pain, but they also recover much better, according to a study by Binghamton University.

A team of researchers from this university, in collaboration with a team of researchers from University College London, asked 50 participants from 96 countries in 50 countries about how much pain they felt after separating from their partner on a scale of 1 to 10. They found that women felt more pain after their relationship broke up because they ranked higher on the scale of physical and emotional pain.

On average, women rated their emotional pain at 6.84 points, while men scored 6.58 on that scale. Regarding physical pain, women scored 4.21 and men 3.75.

Women recover and grow faster

While women show greater emotional and physical pain after a partner breaks up, they eventually recover faster than men. The reason is that they become emotionally stronger. these differences are related to biology. Women have the most to lose when they meet the wrong man because it can have long-term consequences for them.

Also, women have evolved to invest more in a relationship than men. A casual intimate encounter can land a woman nine months pregnant, followed by years of raising a child. Instead, a man can disappear from the scene in minutes without any biological reversal. This is the risk of a high biological investment.

Breakups are normal in life

Big breakups matter because each of us will experience at least three of them in our 30s, and some can cause serious problems for a time that can affect us for weeks, months, even years.

Some people may lose their jobs and students may miss classes or fail exams due to these types of experiences. Also, some people may engage in serious self-destructive behavior. Having a greater emotional and physical understanding of breakups can mitigate these detrimental effects on people.

Why is it so difficult to forget an ex?

The truth is that getting over a breakup is not always easy. And if a person has reached the depths of our hearts, we can go through a severe existential crisis after separating from them. Although suffering is normal, for society it is sometimes not good to see an individual suffer for another, since many associate it with a weak personality.

Forgetting a love is a process that takes time and can have its ups and downs because heartbreak is not a linear process. Some experts say that we need to go through a series of phases similar to those of grief. In these cases, time is our best ally.

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