Sets world record working 84 years in the same company

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Sets world record working 84 years in the same company

When Walter Orthmann was just fourteen years old, he began his journey towards setting a world record. He worked for the same textile company in Brazil for more than 84 years, drawing the attention of the Guinness World Records. The Guinness World Records tracks and recognizes the world’s greatest achievements.

The art of perseverance

Orthmann’s achievement in the Guinness World Record came after working for 84 years in the same company. No one else had worked for the same company for that long, and he exceeded the registration guidelines.

In January 1938, Orthmann began working at Industrias Renaux SA. His family was going through financial difficulties and it was common for children to work in those days. Orthmann told Guinness World Records: “In 1938, children were expected to work to help support the family. As the eldest son of five siblings, my mother took me to look for a job when I was 14 years old.”

His first position at the textile company was as a shipping assistant. From there, he moved into sales until he landed a managerial position.

Growing up, Orthmann’s family struggled financially. He walked to school barefoot, but excelled academically.

Due to his command of German, he was hired by the textile company. When he became a salesman, he filled enough orders to equal enough work for three months. This achievement came a week after his new position as salesman.

What kept it going

Walter Orthmann showing his world record certificate

According to him Guinness World RecordsOrthman enjoyed how the job gave him a sense of purpose. He also liked the commitment and routine of his work life.

Orthmann had the opportunity to travel during his time at Industrias Renaux SA, one of his favorite parts of the job. He liked meeting new people. He helped her understand the world and the need to adapt to change. During his tenure at the company he experienced many changes, among them Industrias Renau SA changed his name to ReneauxView.

He loved meeting new people and clients and was able to make friends with many of them. He also enjoyed staying up to date on new processes and practices to implement into his strategy.

Was he trying to break the world record?

Orthmann did not continue working to break the world record. Instead, focused on staying happy and worked in an environment that allowed it.

Orthman’s advice

When Orthmann turned 100, he celebrated his birthday with loved ones and friends at ReneauxView. Orthmann advises staying present rather than focusing on the past or future. He used his curiosity to keep learning new things, continually moving forward.

Orthmann prioritizes exercise every morning to maintain your health, which probably contributes to his hundred years of life. Her story shows that you can love what you do for a living, but you must also focus on your health and wellness.

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