Show off your gray hair and stop fighting with dyes

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Show off your gray hair and stop fighting with dyes

Wearing gray hair is becoming more fashionable every day, not only as a trend, but as an acceptance of the beauty of nature.

In men, gray hair is often considered attractive, in women – quite the opposite. The moment when you discover the first gray hairs on your head is certainly unforgettable and embarrassing.

The beauty of nature

In recent years, things have changed a bit. More and more women are deciding that it is okay not to dye their hair, letting their natural gray hair take center stage, without this meaning that dyeing should be “criminalized”. It’s about self-confidence.

We see more and more people embracing their natural grey, with a growing community of ‘Silver Sisters‘ who love their true color. It seems that the world is finally waking up to how beautiful, authentic and dynamic gray hair can be.

How to show off your natural gray hair

Natural gray hair often tends to look dry and dull. The best way to restore the shine and “disappear” the yellow tones is with a special treatment in the salon, or by applying some tricks at home.

It is an in-salon treatment that revitalizes natural gray hair, adding silver tones and giving it a dazzling shine in just two steps. On the plus side, the fact that it leaves hair soft and easy to style with fewer yellow tones while creating natural dimension.

Home remedy to give life to your gray hair

In the case of gray hair, we can use an avocado and olive oil mask, this mask influences to nourish and give depth and shine to gray hair. We must use an avocado along with a tablespoon of oil and mix it to form a paste. Wet your hair a little, apply the mixture and let it sit for 30 minutes.

After this simple process, you should wash it with the usual shampoo.

gray hair care

As with blonde hair, gray hair requires special care. To neutralize yellow tones, enrich your beauty arsenal with special shampoos and conditioners and, of course, don’t neglect the good hydration of your hair with nourishing masks and oils, which will ensure its good health and shine.

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