Small bathroom. How to make it more functional?

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Small bathroom How to make it more functional

A small bathroom does not have to be a space in our home that we feel ashamed of, or that is not functional, in order to improve it, some of these tips can help you.

Like all rooms, the bathroom is a space that needs to be well thought out before proceeding to its disposal. Especially in cases where space is limited, the correct arrangement and selection of the right furniture is very important to create a comfortable bathroom.

How to make a small bathroom more functional

So if you want to make your bathroom look bigger than it really is, here are some ideas to make it happen.

1. Choose open shelves

Open shelves, a trend in the field of home decoration, are especially practical and comfortable for storing objects. Specifically in the bathroom, you can install nickel shelves to store and hang your towels instead of using hooks. It would be good avoid flashy furnituresince they take up a lot of space and do not facilitate comfortable movement in space.

2. Use light tones

The white color is an ideal choice that will not disappoint you for two main reasons. First, the white color allows light to travel into the bathroom space giving the impression that it is much larger than it actually is.

Secondly, it is a color inextricably linked to cleanliness. If you want a more modern solution, you can choose another bright color, such as light blue or lilac. Generally speaking, the lighter the color you choose for a small space, the larger it will appear. This does not only apply to the bathroom, but to every room in the house.

3. Sliding doors

Sliding doors are a great solution for small bathrooms as they free up the space that hinged doors take up to open and close.

A good solution also for those who cannot install a sliding door is a door that opens outwards. Thus, the interior space of the bathroom is free and the exterior is released when closing the door.

4. Use large mirrors

The mirror is an element completely connected with the bathroom space. No matter how small the bathroom is, the mirror is a part of it that should not be missing, both from a practical and aesthetic point of view.

The smaller the bathroom, the bigger the mirror should be. So it would be good to choose a large mirror and place it on the wall above the sink.

5. The shower

Place a shower or bathtub in the corner of the bathroom. This advice is not only valid if you have a small bathroom, as you should know that placing all the important elements of a room in the corners of the space eliminates the feeling of narrowness and makes the room appear larger. If you have not yet decided on the right choice, it would be good if you prefer the shower, since it takes up less space.

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