Soften calluses on your feet with these 6 easy remedies

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Soften calluses on your feet with these 6 easy remedies

Calluses are thick, misshapen, and often painful layers of skin that appear on the feet or hands. Calluses form due to repeated pressure or friction causing the skin to hypertrophy and harden as a way to protect the area from further injury.

However, there are already some treatments that contribute to the removal of calluses and pain relief. Don’t settle for hiding your feet and hands. Instead, try some of the tips below to help you feel better.

Home remedies to soften calluses

The remedies described here are simple solutions and are prepared from everyday household products. They are too easy to get.

1. Soaked bread

Vinegar-soaked bread helps remove calluses almost immediately. Simply Soak half a slice of bread in vinegar and place it directly on the affected Wrap the bread in a bandage and place a sock on top. The callus should be gone the next day.

2. Lemon

Soften calluses on your feet with these 6 easy remedies

You can do a lot more with lemon than just squeeze it into water. Lemon peel can be used to remove calluses. Just place the peel on the callus and leave it there overnight. Repeat the process for several days in a row and eventually the callus will disappear.

3. Onion

The onion has been used for many years to treat many diseases. As for the tripe, simply place an onion in a jar of vinegar and let it marinate for several hours.

Place the onion on the callus, wrap it with a bandage and leave it there overnight. The callus should soften in the morning and come off easily.

4. Castor oil

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For moisturize, soothe and treat calluses, use castor oil. Apply a small amount to the callus and wrap the area overnight. Be careful that the oil does not drip through the lid. This painless method can be used several times a week.

5. Magnesium sulfate salt

The magnesium sulfate salt will help the dead skin created by the callus to be removed more easily. Soak your hands or feet for 10 minutes in a bowl of warm water with a cup of salt.

While the skin is still damp, gently remove the dead skin with a stiff cloth or pumice stone. Repeat this method as necessary.

6. Aspirin

Salicylic acid helps remove calluses. Essentially, the aspirin dissolves and this important compound is formed. Make an ointment by breaking up the aspirin and mixing it with water and a little lemon juice.

Apply the ointment directly to the skin, wrap the area and wait 10 minutes. Remove dead skin and repeat this process every few days.

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