Study indicates that chihuahuas are more aggressive than pit bulls

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Pit bull terriers have been one of the most aggressive dog breeds for years. But research shows that these dogs are much calmer than Chihuahuas.

However, Chihuahuas are well known for their small size and nervous disposition. We also examine aggression towards known and unknown people, children, known and unknown dogs of various sizes, etc.

Of all the breeds studied, Chihuahuas were the most aggressive. This was true even with large dogs that they had never seen before.

But there was something else surprising in this study. The study found that the Pitbull Terrier is one of the least aggressive breeds.

These results refute our longstanding beliefs about pit bulls. Pit Bull Terriers are a relatively calm breed of dog. The chihuahuasinstead, they turned out to be the most neurotic and wild.

This study evaluated canine aggression in different situations. For example, some were aggressive towards known and unknown people, children, other dogs, etc. A total of four thousand dog owners participated in the study.

Furthermore, it is interesting that among the 35 most common dog breeds, chihuahuas were found to be the most aggressive and neurotic. This aggression was more extreme in interactions with larger dogs.

The study also emphasizes that Chihuahua owners rated their dogs as moderately aggressive. But it was clear that they were very aggressive compared to other dogs.

The study also notes that prejudice against pit bulls is worse than it should be because people confuse various breeds with pit bulls.

Facts like this are important to help overcome prejudice against certain races. It is also valuable so that the owners of Pitbull Terriers do not project this supposed aggressiveness on their dogs. After all, this could make owners more aggressive towards their pet.

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