Tabata method to sculpt your abs and lose weight

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Tabata method to sculpt your abs and lose weight

The Tabata method is a training that allows you to get fit and burn fat with high intensity exercises. It consists of training 8 series of 20 seconds each, with the highest number of repetitions, with 10 seconds of rest between them.

What is the Tabata method?

The Tabata method is of Japanese origin and it is a session that is specifically structured by intervals, that is, eight rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest are performed for each exercise.

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In this article we tell you what exercises are included in this training and what are the results to expect.

Due to the characteristics of this method, in just 4 minutes we achieve an intense, short training that produces real results.

Steps to perform the Tabata method

A typical Tabata includes eight rounds of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off, but you can do any number you like.

The following is an example, since you can add exercises that are easy for you to master and according to your level of training. The important thing is that you master them, since you will have to execute them at the highest speed because the time is short.

Woman practicing lunges

Do these four moves twice for a full Tabata to amp up your workout:

  1. Jump rope (20 seconds)
  2. Burpees (20 seconds)
  3. Lunges (20 seconds)
  4. Jump Squats (20 seconds)
  5. (Repeat until 4 minutes)

You can use whatever moves you want. The important thing here is to comply with the time for both the activity and the rest, in a time frame of 4 minutes.

You can try your own combinations of exercises, the most common being those mentioned above, but you can adapt them to your pace and your training style.

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