Tell me how you exercise your authority and I will tell you what your children will be like

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Tell me how you exercise your authority and I will

Being a parent has become a complex issue, since many models and forms of education are involved. On the other hand, although there has not been a book that explains how to be a good parent, there are generally acceptable standards for raising children. One of them is the power that parents should use. Although this idea has changed a lot over time, it has never disappeared.

In the past, the role of parents was exercised differently. Most of the time, the son obeyed because he had to, and that was that. It was democracy that this boy respected because he was afraid of what would happen. So, to control the child’s mind, parents used methods ranging from threats to beatings. Discipline was the basis of this type of education.

Now, the opposite seems to be happening. Complaints about parents’ apparent lack of authority are on the rise. This power is unknown to many children and is used by parents in fear. We are already talking about the abuse of parents or children of oppressors.

Children who are in control of authority in their homes

authority in education

Laws are important to take responsibility and reduce evil. Ties are what give stability to a person. Parents or guardians are responsible for ensuring that the rules are followed. Many do it not out of indifference, but out of faith. Setting limits takes effort.

Children tend to be restless, unruly and distracted from the orders they receive. That is why it is necessary to let them know that they cannot do or get everything they want. That things have to be overcome with effort, and that many times, despite the fact that this happens, it is not safe to achieve what we have worked for.

If the child is young, he must be taught to obey because he is a child and not a responsible adult. That is why he must do what he is ordered without the need for him to understand the explanation. You can talk to older children. Examine the reason for the rules, but also know that they are not mutually exclusive.

The family must follow the pace set by the parents, because they are responsible, because they are adults. Because if a child wants to do something different, he must first be an adult and capable of assuming responsibilities, which is not the case with children who depend on us.

Being a permissive parent has serious consequences.

The absence of a complete power model leaves a negative impact on anyone’s life. In the first place, it favors the appearance of conflictive and insecure people. When parents do not set or establish limits, the child feels that he walks in an uncomfortable place, where there is no framework that contains him and a model to follow.

Although some parents do this with the best intentions in the world, there is no doubt that extreme neglect is the wrong way to go. Children are given freedom so that they do not suffer from their parents. They have no responsibility. They are left to do what they want with a false sense of freedom. Due to lack of authority, children can grow up selfish, lazy, and biased.

Authority exercised with love is the ideal model

Exercising power without love is closer to intimidating than teaching. A father or mother who enters the lives of their children to dictate or do what is needed is a mixed bag. In this case, what is created is an expression of the power to conquer, not the power to teach.

For education and limits to be understood as a model to follow, they must be dictated with respect, from the love of creating mentally healthy people for the future, when they are adults, who have understood values ​​and are responsible and educated. For this, physical punishment, disrespect and offenses will never be necessary, the good father knew how to give orders and command the family, being an example of a person before.

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