Tell me which tree you choose and I will tell you which emotion dominates your life

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Tell me which tree you choose and I will tell

Every day we feel overwhelmed by emotions, but which one represents us the most? Are we empathic, anxious, optimistic? A good personality test can reveal it to us: choose one of these trees and discover the result.

How many times have you felt happy and terribly sad at the same time? Each of us has a tendency towards a certain type of emotion: we try many, but one characterizes us more than the others.

Personality tests help us understand our emotions, the behaviors we adopt and how we relate to others. A curious test that reveals a side of your character, perhaps the hidden one that you did not know you had, is the one that you can take right now.

It only takes a few minutes to do this and without commitment. As we always reiterate, the tests do not have an absolute truth in their results, they are simple games and should be taken as such.

Find out what emotion predominates in your life

Remember to look at the image very well before deciding and obviously before reading the answers below.


If you choose the first tree, this could indicate that you are a person who tends to melancholy. Sometimes, you find yourself regretting the past and even if you look at life with optimism, you always maintain a nostalgic streak. Your desire is often to go back to the old times. Your biggest challenge is to look at the present and the future without fear.


If you choose the second tree, you are an enthusiastic person. For you, life is a constant challenge and you really want to go all out. Each new adventure gives you adrenaline, makes you happy, but sometimes you get too carried away and make hasty decisions. Your biggest challenge is learning to meditate on situations before throwing yourself into it.


If you have chosen the third tree, anxiety is unfortunately your best friend. While your head is constantly moving, she is standing there ready to hit you. You are a person who takes care of the people around you and the things, so you always tend to be worried. Your challenge is to delegate responsibilities from time to time and not overwhelm yourself with anguish.


If you choose the last tree, you are a very empathetic person. Pyou handle your life putting yourself in the place of the other, so your personality is a bit capricious. You adapt to the surroundings, to friendships, to the needs of others, but the risk is always to lose the essence. Your challenge is to remain yourself without neglecting those who love you.

You are putting yourself in the place of the other, and it is not difficult for you to have to deal with people. This makes you, at the same time, someone very changeable: you adapt to the environment, but sometimes this leads you to lose your essence a little.

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