Test to know if you have good emotional intelligence

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Test to know if you have good emotional intelligence

With this questionnaire you will check if you have a good emotional intelligence, these questions will help you to elucidate if you have one of the most important intelligences for the development of a more constructive society.

The concept of emotional intelligence has already expanded to all areas. In any sector emotional intelligence is important. This ability proposed by Daniel Goleman can be exercised and applied by anyone.

Although there are people who already have great emotional intelligence, due to their personality and education received. It is not something exclusive to a few, We can develop this capacity and expand itsince it is also related to personal development.

If you still don’t know what exactly emotional intelligence represents, this is your definition: “the ability to recognize our own feelings and those of others, to motivate ourselves and to manage relationships appropriately”.

Test to assess your emotional intelligence

If you want to check how good your emotional intelligence is, we encourage you to fill out the following questionnaire:

  1. In a heated discussion I try to see the other person’s perspective and better understand their point of view. v–f
  2. I am good at recognizing other people’s emotions. v–f
  3. I usually acknowledge the emotion I am experiencing. v–f
  4. I am satisfied with the person I am. v–f
  5. I consider myself capable of positively influencing the feelings of another person who is having a hard time. v–f
  6. It is not difficult for me to show my feelings to the people I love. v–f
  7. I usually have a motivated attitude towards life. v–f
  8. When something goes wrong I try to understand what has happened to learn from the situation. v–f
  9. I deal with personal conflicts. v–f
  10. In the face of unforeseen negative changes, I usually act with optimism and hope that it will turn out well. v–f
  11. When a friend tells me about a problem, I listen to him, without judging or criticizing him. v–f
  12. I am good at expressing my emotions with words. v–f


Score one point for each true answer. If your score has been 6 or more Congratulations! You have good emotional intelligence.

You are able to recognize your own emotions and those of others. You get along well in personal relationships, you are understanding and you know how to listen. You learn from each experience and move forward in the face of any difficulty.

If your score has been less than 6You have yet to develop your emotional intelligence. It is an issue that you must attend to as it will bring you many benefits.

Go taking the appropriate steps that lead you to deal better with your emotions, also exercise listening to others, understanding their point of view, even if it is different from yours. Get more in touch with your inner world and learn to value it!

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545 points