Test to wake up your subconscious and see what it wants to tell you

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Test to wake up your subconscious and see what it

Psychological tests are good because they allow you to get an answer in a moment, which is difficult to get otherwise. And no matter what psychological state a person is in, with the help of tests, you can always get an answer from the subconscious which will help clear up a lot of things.

This time we are going to share a new psychological test, where in one minute it will be possible to understand what your subconscious mind really means. Just choose the type of eye you like best and then read the transcript.

Each eye represents a number, we read it from the upper left position to the opposite side.

Test results

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first eye

If your choice immediately stopped on the first eye, this indicates some rigidity. This is the choice of a reserved person who prefers to keep everything to himself.

In this case, psychologists advise to start trusting people more, to open up more often.

Such closeness from the whole world serves as a kind of protection for a person, helps him to stay in the comfort zone. But it is impossible to spend your whole life in a shell. Therefore, try to learn to go beyond the usual framework, because the world is not as bad as you think.

second eye

The second eye is chosen by people who tend to hide their true intentions behind a mask. Therefore, there is no need to talk about sincerity here. On a subconscious level, such a person understands that over time many secrets will be revealed, and this will be a big blow. Maybe we shouldn’t be so afraid of the truth now?

Third Eye

This choice is most often made by people within whom there is a struggle between consciousness and the subconscious. Try to listen to what your inner self tells you, what thoughts and desires you are afraid to let out. Maybe it’s time to be more honest with yourself?

fourth eye

The person who chooses the fourth eye is afraid of everything new. A new job, a new city and new people do not please him, they only scare him.

Subconsciously, he builds around himself all sorts of barriers that prevent him from changing anything. It is worth considering whether such protection will bring happiness. Maybe it is enough to go over this imaginary fence so that life shines with new colors?

fifth eye

The fifth eye is chosen by true workaholics, who see work as the main goal of their lives. However, in this case, the subconscious mind suggests that a person should not overdo it, but rather you need to find a balance between work and leisure. Maybe it’s time to take a break, and reflect on the future?

sixth eye

The choice of the last image is most often addressed to people who are often guided not by their own desires, but by the opinion of loved ones.

Subconsciously, a person understands that he often pushes his true aspirations into the background. Therefore, it will not hurt to listen to your inner voice. So that? To at least sometimes do what you want only you.

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