The 25 best tattoo phrases and their meaning

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The 25 best tattoo phrases and their meaning

There are many options that we can choose when getting a tattoo, from small and discreet shapes, to striking drawings that cover a large part of our body. However, you are thinking of getting a tattoo and want something simple, yet meaningful, tattoo phrases are always a good option.

Ideas of phrases for tattoo

With these phrases for tattoos you can express your philosophy and vision on your own skin, or show the world what characterizes you and what you want to express. You can even mark important people and moments in your life, so you never forget them.

There is no more creative and expressive way to tattoo ourselves than words That’s why we present these tattoo phrase ideas that you can’t miss!

1. “Letting go is not saying goodbye, but thank you”

An excellent inspirational phrase for a tattoo, to which you can add a design with birds in the air. Because we must always be grateful for what we have had in our lives, without clinging to it.

2. “My mother is my angel, my father is my life”

A perfect phrase that sisters and brothers can get tattooed to express the love of a child to their parents.

Daughters tattoo for dads

3. “Flying with my own wings”

If you are an independent person and use your own wings to fly, you can also show it with this beautiful phrase about your own strength and self-confidence.

Phrases for tattoo on the leg

4. “Conquer your fears”

In life it is better to conquer your fears than to let yourself be carried away by them. If you have wanted to get a tattoo with a phrase to motivate yourself, this option is great for you.

Phrase about conquering fears to be tattooed on the shoulder

5. “Life is beautiful”

A «beautiful» phrase in French for the optimists of life, because it is always good to show how much we love life!

Life is beautiful, ideal phrase, short and simple, to get tattooed.

6. “No Regrets”

Yet another idea with a phrase in French, for those who live without regrets and dare to get what they want in life.

French phrase tattoo, I have no regrets

7. “Resist and continue”

It sounds like a phrase of revolution, because it really is. An idea of ​​tattoo phrases for a person who does not give in to the adversities of life.

Phrases for inspiring arm tattoo

8. “No rain, no flowers”

A very simple phrase in English, but with a great message.

English phrase tattoo

9. “You deserve what you dream of”

An ideal phrase about dreamers, who can make a great tattoo on the wrist to always remember to pursue our dreams.

Dream tattoo phrases

10. “Trust You”

They are simple words, but they are the words that you will always need to hear from you. It is a very inspirational idea of ​​tattoo phrases, which more than being for another person, is a personal message that you can carry on your skin.

Phrase about trust

11. “In love there is no fear”

It is a cute cursive design with silhouettes of birds, which together with the phrase, give this tattoo the perfect meaning for those romantic people who believe deeply in love.

Phrase about love to tattoo on the arm

12. “If you can dream it, you can do it”

One of the most iconic phrases of the famous Walt Disney, which can be accompanied by a creative Mickey Mouse-themed design and can be done anywhere on the body.

if you can dream it you can do it

13. “You are the light of my life”

A phrase that is simple, but that has a lot of impact for the person to whom it is addressed. That person who is the light of our life, it does not matter if he is a family member, a friend, a partner. It is a short sentence that can be tattooed anywhere on the arm, and you can opt for a cursive design.

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14. “I will always be a part of you”

These are words that comfort and ensure that you will give your best to accompany someone, in their best and worst moments. Its simplicity and strength make it one of the best tattoo phrases.

15. “Because you are with me”

One of the tattoo phrases that reminds us that the person we love is by our side. You can wear this tattoo on your arm to always keep in mind the person who has always accompanied you.

1655711716 472 The 25 best tattoo phrases and their meaning

16. “Mother’s Love”

Being a mother is one of the most difficult tasks for a woman. The love that a mother gives to her children is incomparable, and she is totally worth being recognized and remembered, and what better way than with a small and simple tattoo. If you are a mother this is an excellent idea for tattoo phrases.

1655711716 655 The 25 best tattoo phrases and their meaning

17. “I am what I have lived”

The experiences we have lived throughout our lives are what have shaped us as we are today. We have learned from our mistakes, and celebrated our achievements. This phrase will definitely make a good tattoo if you have experienced many things that have shaped you as a person, and that you do not want to forget.

1655711717 348 The 25 best tattoo phrases and their meaning

18. “Memories remain, life goes on”

A very good phrase about overcoming, which is a fantastic tattoo idea for those who believe in a free and carefree life.

1655711717 641 The 25 best tattoo phrases and their meaning

19. “One day at a time”

We all have to take our time in life, without stopping moving, but moving forward with each day even if it is not too much. If you are one of those people who think like this, then this tattoo is perfect for you.

1655711717 764 The 25 best tattoo phrases and their meaning

20. “If you want to live life, prepare for death”

This idea is a great idea for a tattoo, both for the typography and for the phrase. It is a Latin phrase that has gained a lot of popularity. “Memento mori” means something like, “Remember death”, so it is a very good option if you are someone who likes to philosophize about life.

1655711717 794 The 25 best tattoo phrases and their meaning

21. “Inhale the future, exhale the past”

This phrase is a small metaphor that is ideal for everything that has begun to leave the past behind and began to live in the future.

1655711717 920 The 25 best tattoo phrases and their meaning

22. “What remains embraced to the soul never leaves.”

There are things that happen to us that leave a mark on our lives. This is a tattoo phrase option with few words but with great meaning, which is worth considering if you want to get one.

1655711717 503 The 25 best tattoo phrases and their meaning

23. “Feel the fear, and do it anyway.”

A motivational phrase that pushes us to put aside our fears and encourage us to meet our goals. It is a tattoo for those who plan to move forward despite the adversities of life.

1655711717 182 The 25 best tattoo phrases and their meaning

24. “He smiles at me from heaven”

We have all had to deal with the loss of a loved one; however, despite this, we always feel the same warmth of their presence, and we share the memories we have of them with those who are still here.

1655711717 595 The 25 best tattoo phrases and their meaning

25. “Time heals everything”

It is always worth reminding ourselves that no matter the problem, everything is temporary.

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