The 5 best stretches to stay flexible

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The 5 best stretches to stay flexible.webp.webp

Stretching is a great way to increase flexibility. While some sections are difficult to reach, many are suitable for beginners.

Flexibility is very important to any active and healthy lifestyle. Studies show that it can have a positive effect on muscle function, reduce the risk of injury, and improve chronic pain. Also, being flexible can be difficult during everyday life.

Best exercises to gain flexibility

It doesn’t really matter what your goals are, in order to start gaining flexibility these exercises can be of great help.

1. Arm Circles

Relax your shoulders and arms to make the movements as wide as possible. Make six full circles forward and six back, first with one arm and then the other.

2. Hip rotation

The 5 best stretches to stay

To perform this exercise, we must lie on the floor face up, with our backs supported. We will stretch the legs forward, and then we will slightly rotate the trunk towards one of the sides, bringing one of our knees over the other leg, trying to stretch it as much as possible towards that direction.

We will try to have the trunk as straight as possible to get the best possible stretch. At the end of this stretch, we will proceed to do the same with the opposite leg.

How much should we do? 2 series of 15 seconds per side with each leg would be ideal.

3. Back Twist

Woman doing back twist

Sitting on the ground. Right leg stretched. Fold the left over and over the right. Bring your left arm over your bent knee and push through your elbow to do a back twist. Feel the stretch. Repeat on the other side.

4. Back and chest

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Extend your arms and place your hands parallel to the bar. Drop your head between them and lengthen your back, knees bent or extended. Stay one minute in this position.

5. The bridge

Woman doing bridge stretch

It is a yoga posture and stretches the spine, chest, neck and shoulders. Face up on the floor with knees bent. Raise your pelvis and torso up to your shoulders. Stretch your shoulders down so that they are well supported on the floor. Look at the ceiling and arms stretched out and resting on the floor.

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