The 6 best hairstyles if you are getting gray hair

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The 6 best hairstyles if you are getting gray hair

let gray hair grow it is a deeply personal experience. While some people eagerly watch their colored locks slowly fade to their new natural hue, others find it somewhat unsettling and while they want to let them go, they still don’t want to fully show them off or even want to change their image to show them off better.

But no matter what field you’re in, you may find the transitional period challenging because once-amazing hairstyles now lie flat or highlight a hard demarcation line. No more.

6 best hairstyles if you are getting gray hair and you want to look pretty

Here, we will tell you some hairstyles and cuts tricks that experts advise to do when you are getting gray hair and to make them grow, feeling comfortable with them.

a french bun

woman with gray hair and french bun hairstyle

Yeah you are getting gray hair, a French chignon is a classic choice for both everyday and formal occasions. Creating such a bun on hair that is turning gray requires a lot of volume.

Creating volume at the crown of the hair will help to soften the demarcation line. With the different ways gray hairs have grown, this style will soften the line and blend dimension with gray hair along with the other color, be it dark or light.

If French chignons are too advanced for you, there is also the twisted high chignon.

Soft Layered Bob

woman with gray hair with layered bob hairstyle

Cutting your hair in a style that is friendly to growing gray streaks is also an option. A long bob with soft layers is a basic option that you can not stop taking into account.

Layering creates a softer look and makes it easy to blend gray with existing color. With this style, you can create a look that doesn’t draw attention to the ridge line, and soft layers can help mask gray hair until the person is ready for their next salon appointment.

The style also has a lot of movement, which can add volume to hair that could become thinner or brittle.

beach waves

woman with long wavy hair with gray hair smiling

The Beachy waves are always a good idea if you’re getting gray hair. This style will give you a more dimensional look instead of a harsh line of demarcation when you grow gray. Curl your hair in the opposite direction and brush it through for a more relaxed beach look.

To take it up a notch, wear your hair on both sides until they meet at the back. Clip it on and your style is complete. Use a heat protectant on your hair while you curl it: gray hair is more vulnerable to damage than colored hair.

pixie cut

woman with gray hair smiling short hair pixie style

Sometimes the easiest way to remove a line of demarcation is to make a big cut. This can only work in some cases.

It’s all about finding a style that works with the shape, color, and texture of the person’s face. For example, if someone has naturally thick hair, something like a pixie cut may be suggested to help reduce styling time and still create a look that covers up gray hair.

If you are getting gray hair, hair accessories can be your allies

woman with gray hair tied up in a hair band

When letting your natural color grow out, a few items from the accessories aisle can come to the rescue.

An everyday style is to wear a scarf or headband around your hairline to cover any gray. Then comb the rest of your hair. You can leave your hair down in its natural texture or style, or you can throw it up in a ponytail or bun.

Part your hair elsewhere where there are fewer grays that you don’t want to show

dark haired young woman showing her gray hair

Perhaps your grays still do not come out as you want and you want to confuse them a bit so that your hair looks more uniform. Perhaps the easiest way to blend those gray hairs that come out asymmetrically is simply to make your section on the other side that you usually do.

Try to wear your hair loose, but with a different part. Where you do the part in your hair is usually the same place where more gray hairs come out. If you part your hair elsewhere, you’ll probably notice less graying and your hair may look more even and even looking better.

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