The 6 mistakes you make and you get acne during the summer

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The 6 mistakes you make and you get acne during

You were looking forward to summer with great anticipation. Time for sun, sea and less makeup, right? But, what happens when many of us suddenly develop acne when our favorite time of year begins?

Mistakes that make you get acne in summer

What mistakes we make that can cause acne And how can we get rid of this enemy of summer carelessness?

1. You don’t change your skincare products.

It’s great that you found the skin care products that work for your skin. However, this does not mean that they will work just as well in winter as in summer.

every season your skin has different needs depending on environmental conditions, such as humidity, sun, etc. So the moisturizer that gave you flawless skin in the winter may now not absorb as much and cause breakouts and acne.

Consult your dermatologist and you will see that there are excellent alternatives. For example, serums that have a fine gel texture that does not weigh down the skin, without lacking in effectiveness thanks to the overconcentration of ingredients that characterizes them.

2. Stop using skin products

Not only sticking to your favorite creams, but quite the opposite, skipping them can have equally negative results for your skin. We often hear patients say they stop using their moisturizer altogether in the summer because they feel that, combined with the humidity in the environment, it makes them greasy, or they stop using their acne control products to avoid acne photoreaction. your skin.

Fortunately, pharmaceuticals and cosmetology now have highly effective formulations for every skin type, for every need (moisturizing, anti-aging, nourishing and even anti-inflammatory for acne-prone skin) and for every season that overcome such limitations.

3. You don’t use sunscreen

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The effects of continuous exposure to the sun on our skin and health are now incalculable and the skin problems it causes, such as photodermatitis, have been increasing in recent years. So if you suddenly have pimples on your face and body, think about whether you went out in the sun without protection. Broad-spectrum sunscreen should be used daily, sunrise to sunset, sun, cloud, or rain, and reapplied regularly throughout the day.

4. You’re using the wrong sunscreen.

There is no wrong sunscreen, but there is a wrong sunscreen for your needs. For example, if you want a high protection index but you have oily skin, you no longer need to choose very heavy compositions, since there are new light textures that offer full coverage, while being practically invisible. Ask your dermatologist!

5. Excessive sun exposure

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Even if you use sunscreen, and you feel that the sun helps to eliminate pimples, do not overdo it. In addition to unpredictable skin reactions, sunlight can trigger the appearance of acnewhile it will certainly cause hyperpigmentation of already existing pimples, leaving dark marks in their place forever.

6. You don’t get sweat off right away.

Whether you’re traveling or spending the day at the beach, chances are you’re breaking a sweat over and over again. Make sure you wash your face and body as soon and as often as possible, because the longer sweat stays on your skin, the more it becomes a source of infection that can naturally trigger acne.

You can even consult your dermatologist about specialized cleansers with active ingredients for even more effective results.

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