The accessories that add a unique style to gentlemen

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The accessories that add a unique style to gentlemen

When it comes to creating a personal style when dressing, we must take into account all the elements that make it upas are the accessories for men. These range from the most basic such as shirts, jackets, shoes and pants, to those that are usually more detailed such as belts, stockings, scarves and other.

All of them, together, constitute a powerful tool to project our personality, and allow us to wear what makes us feel good about ourselves and convey how we would like others to perceive us.

Obviously, no outfit will be defined if it is not accessorized. However, knowing how to choose the right accessory will surely not be an easy task. This involves evaluating the details of the fabrication of the costume, the necessary fit, the style you want to wear and even the way the colors reflect the message.

On this particular, there is so much on offer, that it takes some time to make a choice and that is the reason why nowadays; There are many people who choose to hire the figure of the image consultant or, as they are also called, personal shoppers.


Tips when choosing accessories for men

When choosing an accessory, you have to take into account your wardrobe, your taste, and the trend you want to follow. Next, there will be a list of accessories that will define the style of whoever wears them:

1. The tie

It remains one of the most communicative pieces in a man’s wardrobe. Before buying a tie, you have to take into account the length, since sizes are made according to the length of the person’s front waist.

2. Pocket squares

There are made of pure silk, linen or cotton. They can be combined and folded in different ways, depending on the occasion. An important detail is that they should never be made of the same fabric as the tie, although many stores offer tie and handkerchief packs.

3. The twins

A correct choice of cufflinks for a shirt can say a lot about the person who uses them; as much or more than a watch or a pocket handkerchief does. There are formal options made of metal or also those of silk thread, which are the most appropriate for a type of professional attire.


4. The clock

It is a mandatory reference as far as status is concerned. Apart from telling the time, it has become a garment more subject to being, even, combined with the rest of the clothing. Some models are designed to suit all occasions, but they are not the most common. The common thing is to use one casual and another for more formal situations.

5. The wallet

What is always advisable is to have a very good quality wallet just to carry credit cards, since it is not elegant to use the wallet as a filing cabinet. Use a purse for the coins and if you have cash, you can carry the bills in the front pocket of the jacket; tied with a money clip.

6. Sunglasses

They stopped being fashionable objects a long time ago, today they are a real necessity to protect us from UV rays in places with a lot of sun; although they should not be brought indoors.

Out of good manners, we should remove them if we are talking to someone who is not wearing sunglasses. The so-called “aviator” lenses is the model that usually looks good on almost any type of face, which makes it an excellent option if you are thinking of giving a gift.

7. The portfolio

Although it may not seem like it, this accessory is also part of the outfit. There are those with a rigid texture or those with a somewhat softer texture, those made of leather or also those of cloth; so the choice must go hand in hand with the style and needs that the person may have. The importance of the match it properly with the color of the belt and shoes.

accessories for men

To conclude with the accessories that can add style for men, we can mention the classic neck bracelets, combined with rings and a watch with a leather strap.

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