The best haircuts for men

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The best haircuts for men

When it comes to making a good first impression, a haircut is a way of showing that we want to look good, and when the haircut is combined with a good outfit, the impression will be even better.

The days of men simply wearing their hair short or letting it grow wild are long gone. The trends in cuts determine that you must work and invest time in the hair. There are cuts and colors for every age and every hair structure.

The haircut trends in the last year they have been using very short hair, shaving the hair from the nape and sides with the use of razors, this cut ensures easy care and can be adapted to all types of faces.

However, the trends of cuts change, and now the hair is beginning to be incorporated a little longer at the top, achieving “slicked back” hairstyles, leaving some strands falling on the forehead.

Textured cuts are also incorporated, letting the bangs grow and mixing the classic Mohican.

For those who want a more elegant or office look, short hair is combined on the sides but the hair is pulled back, giving a 60’s look without being a boring cut.

haircuts for men

Whether it’s a French Crop haircut, clearing the nape, a spiky haircut or Spiky, with spiky highlights, the classic and timeless quiff, where 1950s pompadour elements and flattop style are combined , or haircuts for long hair and the classic mohican cut or messy hair, you should always consider the symmetry of your face when choosing the ideal haircut for you.

dandy look

Man with light hair in a dandy look

If you prefer to forego long cuts and enjoy lush hair, you can simply choose a medium length and make it especially stylish with a side parting.

In the so-called dandy look, care is taken to ensure that the volume is visually enhanced, especially during the cut. This variant of men’s hairstyles is best kept in shape with wax or pomade to fix the hair.

quiff haircut

Young man with a quiff haircut

The quiff haircut is a style that combines the 1950s pompadour, flattop and Mohican elements, but with the neat and tidy vintage look prevailing.

What gives it all the classic meaning is the toupee, with which a style of the fifties is handled and that celebrities such as Morrissey, Elvis Presley and several others knew how to wear with style.

The short messy cut

Young man with a tousled haircut

This look is characterized by wearing our hair as if we had just gotten out of bed, it is a carefree and bold haircut.

Wearing disheveled but carefully messy hair is a classic, it consists of wearing short or semi-long hair naturally, without much care.

To achieve this tousled cut, the strands of hair must be cut separately and a fixing spray that does not have shine is used, in this way the messy hair stays in its shape for several hours and looks naturally tousled.

medium length haircuts

Man with medium length haircut

If short hair seems too boring for you, you can also go for medium-long hairstyle as an alternative as this is one of the most sought after mens hairstyles.

With this cut you get the benefits of both: long and short. Also, the need for care and styling effort here is limited. Fixation is optional with gel, mousse or even hair spray. A quick and easy method. The perfect beard is just as stylish here and shouldn’t be worn too long.

mohican haircut

Young man with a Mohican cut

The Mohawk or Mohican haircut is a classic, thanks to the wide variety of Mohican styles it has been able to earn a place among the most used haircuts.

But each type of hair requires a particular Mohawk style, otherwise unfavorable results can be obtained.

This haircut is characterized by having the hair very short but leaving the upper part long, even getting braids, long highlights or having the hair tied. It can also be used in the classic way, as shown in the image above.

classic long haircut

Man wears a medium-length haircut with platinum highlights and a beard

The subtle white highlights in this hairstyle add texture and volume to an otherwise rather ordinary haircut. Also, even though it involves altering your natural hair color, it doesn’t stand out as strongly and artificially as other colors in men’s hair.

If you are looking for a different and unusual change of look without being extravagant, something demure and classic looking, this style is for you.

Choose your favorite and go to the hairdresser you trust.

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