The best homemade fertilizer for your flowers to look like this

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The best homemade fertilizer for your flowers to look like

Having plants at home is an excellent option to give our spaces a more welcoming touch. However, it is not enough to water them from time to time to keep them beautiful, you also have to “feed” them with the necessary nutrients so that they maintain their precious intense green and give more buds.

We water our plants according to their needs, but most require a push to stay healthy and beautiful, for example, a good dose of fertilizer, since these nutrients wear out the substrate with each watering and nitrogen favors their growth, phosphorus strengthens the roots and flowering and potassium is for its reproduction.

In addition, according to a study published in the scientific journal Naturefertilizers are rich in nutrients that are used to improve soil fertility, so our seedlings can develop their roots, grow, give bulbs and reproduce without any problem.

Better fertilizers for our plants

Although there are chemical fertilizers, the ideal is to be as natural as possible and apply it at least once a month.

1. Coffee fertilizer

coffee fertilizer

This is a perfect fertilizer for roses, hydrangeas and magnoliasbut you can also use it on vegetable crops to help them grow.

You only need coffee grounds, put them to dry on newspaper, store in a dry jar, add a little to your irrigation water, mix very well and water your plants with this fertilizer once a month.

2. Vegetable food peels

The best homemade fertilizer for your flowers to look like.webp

This alternative is very easy and you will definitely have the ingredients at home. For example, you can use vegetable peels such as potato, chayote, pumpkin or carrot. are food rich in vitamin E. Therefore, they will help the growth of plants.

To do this, simply cut them into cubes and mix them into the soil, either from a pot or from a tree fern.

3. Eggshell

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Eggshell is a rich source of calcium, an important mineral for strengthening plants. Its use as a fertilizer requires its crushing and a blender can be used. When it reaches the texture of farofa, the compost is ready. Then you should sprinkle it on the substrate. As you water, this mineral will gradually be absorbed.

4. Cinnamon

Put cinnamon to fertilize the soil

Cinnamon is a good fertilizer to help your plants grow. Adding it to the soil prevents pests from approaching. In addition, it provides an important benefit: it favors repair when the plant is injured. Simply place the powder on the affected area.

Have you seen how sustainable waste can be in your home? Homemade compost is a great way to help the planet. Fertilize your plants with this alternative and make them beautiful and lush.

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