The dangers of a spoiled child: learn to set limits

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The dangers of a spoiled child learn to set limits

It is indisputable that the love of a mother or father has no limits, but you have to be balanced, otherwise the child never becomes independent and always lives in the shadow of his parents.

When we try to protect our children from all dangers and all wrong decisions (except our own), we end up “castrating” them. In short, we are raising children who will never be able to fend for themselves.

We all need to raise our children with the perspective that when they grow up they will spread their wings and stand on their own two feet. To make your own mistakes and choices and be your own teachers. Overprotection and excessive care have only negative effects on the child!

Long-term consequences of pampering too much

This type of overly pampering parenting, while done with very good intentions, has some serious parameters and serious long-term consequences that most people are unaware of. Here is a list of them:

brain underdevelopment

Helicopter parenting implies the tacit acceptance that parents will make decisions for their children, reducing their need to solve problems and make their own decisions.

This type of parenting can hinder a child’s ability to develop problem-solving and decision-making skills. Skills that we want our children to have fully developed when they leave the family nest, so that they can make the best decisions in all aspects of their lives.

emotional reaction

If parents exert too much control in situations and intervene before children try to handle the challenge on their own, or do not naturally remove children from challenging environments, they can hinder the development of self-regulation skills

Reduced ability to regulate emotions and behavior appears to be associated with this parenting tactic.

Low self-esteem and confidence

Parental overinvolvement makes the child believe that his parents will not trust him if he does something without their involvement. Therefore, it leads to the lack of self esteem and self-confidence.

Parents, in this way, deprive their children of the opportunity to create, to solve problems, to develop coping skills, to develop resilience, to understand what makes them happy, to understand who they are (identity).

Spoiled children tend to be more aggressive

Research shows that children raised by intrusive parents tend to be more cruel or hostile to other children. This is considered to be an extreme parental control response. Children act out and assert their sovereignty as a way to regain a sense of freedom in their lives.

Therefore, they tend to become irritable and less patient when faced with having to get along with their peers.

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