The haircuts you should try after 30 years

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The haircuts you should try after 30 years

After the age of 30, a woman submerges herself in a kind of uncertainty before the reality of not being so young anymore, but not very old either, to put aside many things that are associated with youth.

The 30s then become a border where certain attitudes must be assumed so as not to appear ridiculous, out of date or out of place. One of the aspects that urgently needs to be evaluated is our personal appearance. Details such as the way we dress, the places we go to and even the way we wear our hair; begin to gain importance.

At this age, we already have some obligations and responsibilities that can cause us to gradually neglect our appearance. In this sense, some women already do not care what haircuts they are wearing; or the latest fashion trends.

This definitely does not have to be the case. After 30 a person is still very young, just not as young as a few years ago. You just have to make some small changes that make us look jovial, without pretending to have a teenage appearance.

Every woman, due to her feminine nature, will always want to appear a little younger than her age. For this reason, today we bring you several ideal haircuts to wear after 30 and that manage to take a few years off our appearance, so they are very flattering.

These types of cuts provide a somewhat casual look, which will surely take years off you and make you feel younger; since in this particular hairstyle plays a very important role.

You should also remember that your hair should always look very well cared for, with a lot of shine, healthy and strong. If you decide to dye it, apply light shades since the dark ones mark the features a lot and, therefore; overly reflect age

Long Bob style haircuts to wear after 30

An always eligible alternative is the mane. After the age of 30, a long hair can also be appropriate, as in somewhat younger women.

What really matters is how these haircuts are going to be worn.

Ideal long bod style cuts after 30

The Long Bob is a haircut that is halfway between very long hair, and hair in which the hair reaches a length slightly longer than below the shoulders. This is a cut that helps you rejuvenate your look, since after 30 people tend to fall back on the use of practical cuts; that make you look older and make you less attractive.

Short and blunt haircuts

It is a blunt cut, with volume on the sides that are spectacularly appropriate to highlight a face that is fine and thin.

Short blunt style cuts

Bob haircuts to wear after 30

Bob style haircuts are those worn above the shoulders.

They are always a trend because of how versatile and comfortable they are. This type of cut aims to create a relaxed look, with textured ends that add movement to the hair; so they are very flattering for all face types and especially for round faces.

Midi style haircuts

Midi style haircut for hair after 30

If the majority of beauty professionals agree on something, it is that in order to exploit the possibilities of a midi hair; it must be carried above the shoulders.

When you are over 30, you need to play with the movement and freshness of the hair.

Shaggy haircuts

Shaggy cut with a tousled look

It is a disheveled mane that was popularized by Jennifer Anniston, it is characterized by wearing many layers and can be very unflattering if you do not give it the right term.

haircuts with bangs

Cut with bangs to look younger

They are a classic that are always on trend, since they last years because they help hide certain expression lines and give a new light to our image.

You can opt for a cheekbone side bangs version or a blunt bangs at eye level.

You have to make sure that the bangs have vitality, so that they add volume and freshness to your face.

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