The muscular man with the big beard who lives and eats like a caveman

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The muscular man with the big beard who lives and

You may have recently come across a muscular man with a big beard on your TikTok homepage. Who of all? One who usually shows off outrageous amounts of meat, lifts hundreds of pounds on weights, and growls.

Brian Johnson and his ancient rituals

“It honors the struggle of our ancestors and expresses its most dominant form”. This is Brian Johnson, the “liver king”, an influencer who encourages his followers to adopt the caveman lifestyle.

Is he really performing primitive rites?

“I began to put inside myself, what the modern world left out”characteristically explains about his lifestyle. “Living as our ancestors did changed me and transformed me into the evolutionary hunter, tireless fighter, serial ancestral entrepreneur that I am today. I’m in the best shape of my life.”.

This 45-year-old fitness enthusiast walks barefoot and tries to stay close to nature. He prefers the cold and takes ice baths, as he maintains that the comfort of heat is not good for the body. The “liver king”, as he is nicknamed, claims that he doesn’t even brush his teeth. And these are only some of his rites.

The weirdest?

The self-proclaimed CEO of ancestral living eats raw animal organs, like hearts and livers, hence the nickname. He also consumes bone marrow and drinks animal blood. Additionally, he is known to eat bull testicles for their supposed nutritional benefits.

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