The rules of beauty according to Kate Winslet

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The rules of beauty according to Kate Winslet

October 5 marks the 48th anniversary of the star of the Oscar-winning film “Titanic” Kate Winslet. Surely many people think that the actress does not spend money on personal care to look younger than her age. In fact, celebrity beauty secrets are simple and accessible.

“I rarely look in the mirror”

Winslet admits that by the age of 20 she was looking in the mirror much more often. Now the actress admires her reflection less and less.

Certain complexes appeared in it after the release of the movie “Titanic”. Then the press discussed her figure. According to Winslet, such an experience was shocking to her: she somehow didn’t care how slim and fit her body “should” be.

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Beauty is not just what you see

With age came the realization that beauty comes from within. Experience is more important than appearance. Instead of going to a beauty salon, Kate prefers to sit with the children.

He found himself not only in the acting profession, but also in motherhood. As for work, now he likes deep roles, where the priority is not appearance, but the ability to convey the character of the character to the audience.

Kate isn’t a fan of exhausting herself with workouts at the gym. The maximum is cardio or power yoga. She prefers to ride a bike, walk with her dog.

A bicycle is a real outlet for an artist. According to Winslet, it is with the help of cycling that you relieve stress and get rid of negative emotions.

According to Kate, before filming, she “let off steam” with the help of crying or shouting: she could go to the forest to give vent to emotions there. Now a bike ride is enough.

Kate Winslet’s diet

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Both Kate and her husband are vegetarians, so meat cannot be found in their house. But there are vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Winslet tries to include as many root vegetables as possible in her diet. These are cucumbers, cabbage, a lot of greens, spinach, etc.

According to the actress, it would be nice to give up salt, but this is difficult to do, because the dishes turn out to be completely tasteless. As for alcohol, the celebrity tries not to abuse it, but she periodically pampers herself with wine.

Kate tries to maintain the drinking regime and controls the body’s hydration. She remembers that dehydration is a direct path to premature aging.

Skin care

Kate applies a rich moisturizer every morning after washing her face. Before going to bed, she always removes her makeup, knowing that you can’t fall asleep with makeup on your face.

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At night, a vitamin E serum is always applied. This product leaves the skin supple, toned and prevents the premature appearance of wrinkles. Kate also uses eye cream to prevent the appearance of crow’s feet near the outer corners of her eyes.

During flights, on business trips, Winslet uses hydrogel masks that perfectly moisturize the skin. The artist does not forget about body care. She moisturizes her skin with lotion every night after she showers.

In ordinary life, Kate tries to use cosmetics to a minimum. She just applies foundation to her face in a thin layer to form a protective film and lightly curls her lashes. She can sometimes wear mascara, but this happens infrequently.

Opponent of social networks

Kate does not have social media accounts. She considers it a waste of time. The artist prefers not to hang out on the Internet, but to communicate with her family: with her husband and her children.

In addition, the absence of accounts guarantees you peace of mind and saves you from reading negative comments and the antics of haters.

Free time, according to the star, is best spent on self-improvement.

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