The staggered cuts that are trending

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The staggered cuts that are trending

Stepped haircuts, or gradients, as they are also often called, have become a trend again this season. This is motivated by the fact that they turn out to be quite practical, as well as versatile, so that the ladies have not hesitated for a single moment to adapt to this imposing style.

One of the characteristics for which this proposal has been liked is that they add volume to the hair and easily accommodate different hair lengths.

As there is a cut that is ideal for each type of face, your trusted stylist will be the best person to suggest which one best suits your face.

Windy tiered haircut

What stylists are looking for with faded cuts is for the hair to have a stepped look, for the top to be a little shorter and then get wider as it slides through the hair.

The advantage offered by stepped cuts is that, being so versatile, their use knows no limitations, which is why they can be equally applied both to long hair and to those that are shorter.

It’s all up to the stylist’s imagination and the input you can offer, based on your own considerations.

Girl with long stepped haircut

Staggered cuts that are setting the standard

Among the very diverse styles and tendencies that gradient cuts present, there are some that have made a notable difference in terms of taste and predilection on the part of the girls.

Among these are the ones mentioned below:

Gray hair

1. Staggered cuts with short zones

It is a very fashionable cut, characterized by leaving an area of ​​hair quite trimmed and, on the other hand; the area is left with enough density of hair.

Woman with stepped haircut

Within this style, the stepped cuts have several implicit advantages, such as the fact that it will take less time to comb and in hot weather; the woman can keep relatively cool.


2. Stepped cuts for straight and long hair

This is a classic among faded cuts. What is sought with this style is to leave the hair quite smooth and let the different steps descend one on top of the other, without this entailing much effort.

Stepped haircut on long hair

If you like this style, but your hair is quite curly, it should not necessarily mean that you have to stay with the desire to show it off.

To do this, all you have to do is apply an iron to your hair until it is straight; always keeping in mind that you must first use some type of protector, since these instruments are usually very aggressive with the hair.

3. Stepped Type for Long Wavy Hair

This cut is closely related to the one we saw previously, with the difference that its application corresponds to hair that has deep waves; also remaining with a quite natural appearance as well as elegant.

stepped cut

Girls love this type of tiered cuts, because they add a lot of glamor and sophistication to the personal style.

Most interesting of all, it only takes a few waves at the ends of the hair to achieve this look.

4. Staggered cuts for long curly hair

If your hair is the type that has plenty of curl, that’s no reason to stop experimenting with this alternative. To do this, you must also let the hair grow enough to apply the stepped cut; leaving your curls natural.

stepped haircuts

As we have always mentioned, you should be attentive to the application of the care that long hair requires; so that it stays healthy and with an excellent appearance.

Remember that it will always be worth any effort you make, to have the opportunity to show off this cut that is simply spectacular.

5. Tiered Style for Short Curly Hair

We can say that these cuts are, in terms of their application, very similar to cuts for long curly hair.

The main difference is in the length of the hair of the person who wants to apply it. For these purposes, a length of hair that reaches at least shoulder height could be considered short. Otherwise, all the same.

Woman with a stepped haircut

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