These are the 7 steps to happiness according to Hindu philosophy

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These are the 7 steps to happiness according to Hindu

Good advice and precautions usually sound simple when we just listen to them, but when we experience firsthand what life has in store for us, things seem a little more complicated. In the hindu philosophy there are many legends and messages that reveal tips on how to live a better and happier life. They cannot be denied the special wisdom that they teach the next generations, so pay attention to their content.

7 steps to happiness according to philosophy Hindu

One of the legends worth mentioning is the ancient Hindu legend about the 7 necessary steps to achieve happiness.

The story is about a man who lived in an ancient kingdom, and he was the only one who was happy in it. He was unique in the context of wealthy residents who, despite his wealth, could not enjoy what life gave them.

They were too busy expanding their property and didn’t have time to feel happy. The other inhabitants were very poor, so they could not be happy either: excessive care and lack of hope for a better life took away all their joy.

When word spread in the kingdom that there was a truly happy person, everyone wanted to meet this man. This happy sage hid his secret deep in his chest, and no plea, threat or attempt to plunder him made him want to rid himself of the source of his happiness.

One day, the sage was visited by an innocent boy who also wanted to be as happy as he was. The man was deeply moved and decided to tell the boy about his secret philosophy of life.

This secret consisted of 7 steps. And just like a ladder, to reach the top, you must go step by step from the first to the last:

1. Love yourself to love your life: the best philosophy

The old man told the boy that mutual love and respect for your own life are the basis for achieving happiness. Life is a gift in itself and you have to do everything to make it flourish. Working to achieve our health and well-being and giving deep meaning to what we do will make us unique in the entire universe.

2. Plan and don’t be afraid to act

The wise man said that thinking about your actions is good because it allows you to choose the best option. However, meditation and philosophy alone do not lead anyone to happiness. Behind the thought, there must also be an act, because stillness causes frustration.. Only by moving all the time can you seize the opportunity for a good life, so act as your intuition tells you.

3. Get rid of jealousy

Jealousy is a destructive excess, which often turns into bitterness, and bitterness effectively poisons the soul and all good things lose their color. The old man told the boy that he would never envy other people, but stubbornly pursued his own goals. You never know what a person had to go through to get to the point where he is now. And would everyone really want to go down the same path for the price of success?

4. Eliminate negative feelings

Anger, jealousy, fear, uncertainty or hatred overwhelm the one who supports them every day. The old man told the boy that everyone who becomes a man full of very negative feelings is paralyzed by them. You have to get rid of them so that the bad energy does not overwhelm your life.

5. Do not try to take what is not yours

Taking someone else’s property is something is doomed. The old man wanted to explain to the boy that an evil action would have even greater consequences, because everything we do affects our destiny. Good deeds attract good consequences, and bad deeds bring evil back eventually, as a delayed but just punishment. Lack of respect for the property of others will make us lose ourselves.

6. Hindu philosophy says: Do not hurt

The sage told the boy that he should love himself, but that he should never agree to harm other people or animals. Harming is unacceptable, and not only doing harm, but also remaining a victim of harm. You cannot allow anyone to hurt you, because in this way you yourself are agreeing to escape from happiness. Every being is a source of happiness and joy, so it must be appreciated.

7. Give thanks for each day of life

This is the last step the old man contemplated. By thanking life for each day that has passed, even if it wasn’t the best, we invite happiness into ourselves. Our presence on earth is too short to despise what we get.

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