These kinds of relationships are emotionally destructive.

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These kinds of relationships are emotionally destructive

Young people are increasingly involved in emotionally destructive relationships. We’ll give you some behavior patterns that will help you recognize when it’s time to seek help and get out of a toxic relationship.

Violence in the couple becomes increasingly characteristic in youth and adolescence. They are often unaware that they are in an emotionally destructive relationship. Therefore, in this article we tell you how to recognize some warning signs.

Characteristics of emotionally destructive relationships

If you are reading this article, you may be in an emotionally abusive relationship yourself. Maybe you feel bad, or maybe you realize that your partner’s actions are causing harm.

1. There is a hostile attitude

This is one of the main signs of an emotionally destructive relationship. The article “Boundaries between intimate partner psychological violence and dysfunctional relationships: psychological and forensic implications” argues that this can occur through sexual and gender stereotyping.

Pathological jealousy or the idea that violence is the way to resolve conflicts can also indicate that it is an emotionally destructive relationship. In addition, both physical and mental manipulation and aggression can occur on a daily basis in cases of emotional abuse.

2. Outbursts of anger in emotionally destructive relationships

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Another sign of an emotionally abusive relationship are the outbursts of anger People who are always angry feel the urge to express that anger. As a result, they harm their loved ones.

Failures, problems at work or financial problems. However, this should never be a reason for your partner to hurt you in any way. Your partner should learn to manage their anger and consult a psychologist.

3. The well-known lack of communication

Communication problems do not happen immediately. In fact, happens gradually over time. An abusive partner begins to use silence as a form of punishment instead of talking openly about their likes and dislikes. It is also known as passive-aggressive behavior.

The abuser then uses silence as a method of manipulation and submission. If your partner doesn’t follow suit and uses silence to make you feel bad, you are in a destructive relationship that you need to get out of.

4. You want to be in control at all times

This is another characteristic sign of an emotionally destructive relationship, in which one of the spouses needs absolute control over their partner. He or she will try to control your money, children, job, or time with friends. This means that you lose your independence and become just an appendage of your partner.

When you are dependent on your partner, you are more likely to submit. Then the abuser can do with you what he wants because you are at his mercy.

5. The other is constantly blamed

Another sign of an emotionally abusive relationship is when the abuser says that only you are to blame. they blame you all the time: If something breaks, if your partner feels uncomfortable, or even if they have problems at work, it’s your fault.

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