These plants will keep insects away inside the house

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These plants will keep insects away inside the house

It does not matter if you live in a city with a dry, cold or humid environment, the truth is that there are always some unwanted animals that can sneak into our houses and sometimes reproduce until they become a pest.

The good news is that there is a way to drive them away naturally, thanks to these plants to repel spiders, ants, mosquitoes, mice, cockroaches and scorpions.

Plants that repel insects from the home

This natural method is very effective, does not pollute, and best of all, it will fill your home with exquisite fragrances while it cleans the air. Especially in the rainy season, when insects proliferate.

1. Lavender

The lavender is one of the best natural repellants out there; Repels pests like flies, moths, fleas and mosquitoes They can’t stand its smell. This plant is very hardy, it only needs to be placed in indirect sunlight and watered whenever the soil is dry, although the best place to place it is in your bedroom.

2. Mint

This aromatic herb is a great repellent against mice, ants, flies, mosquitoes and moths; Of course, it needs a deep pot and good drainage to be able to live. Preferably, place the pot inside your house.

3. Rosemary

The aroma of rosemary works as a natural repellent, so having a rosemary plant at home will help you drive away spiders and other unwanted guests. All you have to do is burn some of its leaves in a candle and leave them there so that the aroma repels pests.

In addition, another advantage of having rosemary at home is that you will always have a few twigs on hand when cooking.

4. Calendula

Calendula is not only an excellent medicinal plant for burns, abrasions, skin irritations and insect bites, but also works as a natural repellent to keep worms, bedbugs, flies and other unwanted insects away.

5. Citronella

Is plant to repel spiders, mosquitoes, ants and scorpions It is perhaps one of the most popular for its effectiveness. In addition, it has a delicious aroma and is very easy to care for, which makes it a great option to have in your windows or in the entrance of the house, as long as it is a place where the sun shines.

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