They don’t love each other, but they stay together…

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They dont love each other but they stay together

If you continue to live with your partner without love, then you must realize that you are sacrificing your happiness and the happiness of the other person by not daring to take a step towards separation.

There are many couples in which there is a lack of love, a lack of companionship, and even in many of them there is a lack of respect, but even so they remain together. Spouses live and do not feel happy, giving up the life that they would really like.

Today we will try to delve into this type of relationship: after all, They are much more common than we think. First of all, we invite you to speculate on whether it is worth maintaining a relationship like this or not.

Low self-esteem as the engine of empty relationships

Often people stay together even when they don’t like each other if they have low self-esteem. This is clearly seen in cases where there is some emotional dependence.

If we have low self-esteem, then the following thoughts appear: we simply cannot be happy if no one loves us, and therefore we simply shift the responsibility for our happiness onto the shoulders of our partner.

Many beliefs in our mind only strengthen us in these thoughts, further lowering our self-esteem.

Social prejudices also influence staying together despite unhappiness

This type of relationship is also facilitated by the social environment, which makes us think that “not having a partner in life is a great failure” or even a “failure”, that there is a “limit time to find love”, etc. .

And if we are familiar with such thoughts and fears, then naturally, when we have a partner, we really don’t want to lose them. What’s more, it seems to us that we can never find someone similar (or even better) and that no one else will listen to us.

Such fears prevent people from leaving existing relationships, even if they burden them.

Person who lives in a relationship with a lack of love

Above all, we are limited by our own thoughts. Love has no age and, in fact, nothing terrible will happen if we are left alone. By realizing this, you will be able to enjoy greater freedom.

No less often, people they continue to be together when they no longer love each other, simply out of habit. This happens with couples who have been together for many years, sometimes from early youth.

Why do people continue in a relationship without love?

They are used to their life, they have friends in common and a series of responsibilities that they do not want to give up. That is, the gap for them is a big problem. And they decide to stay together, despite the fact that there is no trace of love left. Other times there are more pragmatic reasons.

Often, one member of the couple is economically dependent on the other: when one is engaged in household chores and the other works and supports the family. In addition, they can be frightened by circumstances such as paying for the lawyer’s services and everything related to the divorce process (division of assets, children…).

And many simply become too lazy to do all this, it is easier for them to stay together. Instead of thinking about whether such a relationship is worth maintaining, try asking yourself another question: why are you doing this?

For the children? Too lazy to get divorced? Do you want to maintain the image of a “happy family” in society?

That is, if people do not love each other, but still stay together, something must “compensate” them for these inconveniences.

After all, when someone is not satisfied with their relationship and at the same time does not receive any benefits from them, the only way out is to part.

But having received something in return, be it financial stability, a break from the hustle and bustle of the divorce proceedings, or something else, they agree to leave everything as it is.

Each person (and couple) is a world apart. But we must be aware that sometimes we sacrifice our own happiness and well-being.

Have you been in a similar situation? Do you know someone who has already met her? Are you willing to sacrifice your happiness for any of the above reasons?

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