Trending haircuts for thick hair

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Trending haircuts for thick hair

If nature has rewarded you with luxurious and voluminous hair, then all you need is to give it a beautiful and neat shape. We told you how stylists choose a haircut for thick curls and recommend taking care of heavy hair.

Characteristics of thick hair

Thick hair is not only beautiful, but also problematic. To make it look the way you want, the care must be daily and of high quality, using professional beauty tools and products.

The most important thing for owners of thick curls is to find their stylist who knows exactly what form of haircut and hairstyle is best for this type of hair.

kare cut

A classic haircut without bangs or with it that looks especially interesting in combination with thick hair and allows you to experiment with both the length and the line of the cut.


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This is the ideal cut for those who want to look good, but at the same time spend a minimum of time on their hair.

bob or square

Trending haircuts for thick hair

The most common and popular haircuts for thick and heavy hair of medium length are bob and square.

These haircuts can be performed both in the classic style and individualized with the help of graduation or asymmetry hairdressing techniques. An asymmetrical bob will look stylish and attract the attention of others, a graduated bob is also a winning option for thick hair.

If you have thick hair and a square face

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It is quite easy to work with a square face shape in terms of choosing women’s haircuts for thick hair; this is an excellent basis for asymmetrical, cascading, model, creative and many other hairstyles that meet the main requirement – the closest approximation of the square geometry of the face to the reference oval.

If you have thick hair and an oval face

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The reference attractiveness of the oval face will always be the most optimal and desirable object for the work of professional stylists in the hairdressing sector.

The oval contour of the face can be framed in a variety of categories of haircuts – it’s up to you to try everything that the world of hairdressing has brought to life. The only thing that the chosen haircut should do is focus on the main advantages of appearance, emphasize your style and personality.

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