Trendy haircuts for women over 50 years old

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Trendy haircuts for women over 50 years old

The age of a woman is not the number of years she has lived, it is a reflection of her inner state, self-esteem, care of her appearance and health. Having passed the 50-year anniversary mark, she can remain fresh and attractive, with no hint of a specific age. But for this, you need to competently approach your image and choose a good haircut.

Haircuts for women over 50

Choosing the most suitable and at the same time fashionable haircut for women over 50 years old, certain rules and restrictions must be adhered to.

This will allow you to change the approach to age and seriously transform the appearance of a lady, emphasizing all her advantages.

Looks great on women over 50 with short, medium or slightly lengthened haircuts. It is also necessary to focus on the volume of the hair. Layering in a haircut, thinning or broken ends of the hair will help to achieve this.

Pixie or Garson

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Boyish haircuts that open up the temples and ear area, creating volume at the crown, are very suitable for women over 50.

They can be created straight, with an even cut and smooth transitions in length, or torn, like feathers, with hair sticking out on the sides. The main thing is to observe the principle of volume in the hair, especially if the shape of the face is far from the standard proportions.

Pixie and garzon look great with or without bangs. The bangs present in the haircut can be of absolutely any length, but in their structure they often take on a profiled, torn, pointed shape.


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A bob is created with a short part at the back of the head and strands that gradually lengthen until they reach the ear line or cheekbones in the face area.

Such a haircut for women after 50-55 years should be generated with graduation and a stepped effect. The crown and sides are processed in detail, the hair is not cut too short; the volume should be felt in the hair. The ends of the hair are thinned, they acquire a pointed cut and feathers.


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The Cesson haircut has a considerable number of variations, which allows women to offer beautiful Cesson haircuts for short hair, to perform haircuts for medium hair, and even to perform such an unusual technique for long hair.

dawn cut

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This is a layered shag haircut with bangs. The stylist models its shape, based on the appearance and structure of the client’s hair. For women over 50, the aurora is often created short, with an open neckline and a voluminous crown of graded hair.

Side curls frame the face in scales, tapering towards the neck. The final length of the hair does not pass below the chin. The ends of the hair are intensely thinned, created sharp, with a clear texture.

Bangs can be any length, but variations that create volume, starting near the crown, look best. The structure of the bangs should repeat the accents of the haircut: thinning, sharp cut, torn effect.


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Women over 50 years old can choose for themselves any variation of the kare: smooth, ripped, graduated or even asymmetrical. The main thing when cutting is to pay attention to the condition of the hair and facial skin.

Clear contours on the square, smooth lines and the absence of bangs will suit women who have fairly thick hair and an even oval face. For the rest, it is better to choose graduation, sharp protruding ends of hair and bangs.

The bangs will perfectly hide everything superfluous, so it is preferable to make it up to the level of the eyebrows or create an elongated shape by beveling. The ends of the bangs should have a ripped effect or a sharp cut.

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