Triceps exercises that every woman will appreciate

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Triceps exercises that every woman will appreciate

Learn to work the triceps, which is the part of the arm that a woman most wants to tone up, especially when she reaches a certain age.

If the appearance of your arms does not please you, you see that behind them there is an excess of fat or volume that you would like to reduce, or even make that part of the arm look toned, these exercises are the ones you should follow.

Exercises to work the triceps

Do 10-12 reps per set, while doing 3-4 sets per exercise. Focus on executing the proper movements and don’t worry about completing the exercise at a fast pace.

1. Tricep dip

Triceps exercises that every woman will appreciate

For this exercise, also known as triceps dips, all you need is a chair, bench, couch or stepper and you’re ready to go. It’s actually best for your triceps to use a combination of objects to vary your range of motion and feel your muscles burn.

Make sure to keep your butt and lower back close to the chair (or whatever object you’re using) to maximize the benefits of the exercise.

2. Bench push-ups

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This is a classic exercise, but to work the triceps more deeply, it should be done with the arms close to the body, concentrating on the triceps and pectorals.

You can use a bench, a chair, and even a ladder, the important thing is that it has a certain height and you don’t do it directly on the ground, like an iron.

3. Tricep extensions

Triceps exercises that every woman will appreciate.webp

To do this exercise, stand up and grab a dumbbell with both hands. She carries her arms above her head. Slowly bend your elbows and bring the dumbbell back, without moving your upper arms.

The abdominals have to be contracted when doing this movement. Stretch your arms back up and repeat.

triceps punch out

Triceps exercises that every woman will appreciate

When performing this exercise it is necessary to be careful in the weight that we will use, it is recommended that you start with the minimum weight, and the movements are slow and without over-forcing the body.

You can complement your routine to strengthen and tone triceps with these exercises.

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