Ways to illuminate the eyes and make them look radiant

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Ways to illuminate the eyes and make them look radiant

There are many things that influence the appearance of our eyes, one of them is when we suffer from dryness or irritation, when the dreaded wrinkles appear and we have some type of facial tension.

We explain how to naturally avoid and treat these problems that sometimes affect your self-esteem. We will teach you ways to illuminate the eyes and make them look radiant.

You don’t need to use so many makeup products to make your eyes pop. Either because of sensitive skin or because you prefer to be natural on occasion. We’ll teach you how to make your eyes look amazing even when you don’t want to wear makeup.

natural tips

Sometimes the eyes lose their shine due to irritation or dryness, we will tell you what foods help keep them healthy and provide you with the vitamins you need to counteract this.

Include in your eating habits flax seed, fish, coconut oil, avocados that are good fats for health. Avoid excessive consumption of salt. As for drinks, take natural carrot and apple juices. Drink between 8 or 10 glasses of water a day, hydration is essential to enhance beauty.

take care of your eyes

The eye area is very delicate, the first wrinkles usually appear there, they become very evident or if we suffer from a poor diet, puffiness or dark circles appear easily.

At first they appear only when we have a bad night, but if we don’t attack them in time, this can become a serious problem and they will be noticeable much more frequently.

Avoid binge eating in the evening and the bad habit of excessive alcohol consumption and smoking. You can use creams or vegetable oil and apply them around the eyes and massage the area gently.

Naturally beautiful eyes

  • Curl your lashes. If you don’t want to put on makeup, something that is mandatory is curling your eyelashes, this will make your eyes look bigger.
  • Wear colored clothes that highlight your eyes.

Find out the colors that enhance the tone of your eyes:

  • If you have brown eyes, strong orange, red, gold, and blue tones will highlight them.
  • Blue eyes, use colors like black, purple and pink.
  • Do you have green eyes? You look purple, blue, yellow and black.

Perfect eyebrows. The eyebrows create an incredible frame for your face, when you go to shave, do it with tweezers or thread because the wax usually damages the skin around your eyes.

Different ways to illuminate the eyes and make them look radiant

Nothing like being natural, but if the case is that you want to look great for a party or a graduation, we will give you some suggestions that will help you.

Did you know that the illuminator favors your makeup a lot? If you use them in the key points you can enlarge your eyes more and hide dark circles.

The illuminator contributes to having an awake look and reduces the visibility of tiredness, it helps to have a greater definition to the arch of the eyebrow, as a result, your eyelid will look slightly more lifted, if you do it you will highlight the expression of your eyes.

Good lighting gives freshness and rejuvenates the face and makes the skin of older women look younger.

How to apply highlighter

Do you long to apply highlighter and don’t know how? You have come to the right place, we will tell you. You can find it in various forms, in liquid, powder or cream. Each one is obviously applied differently.

Those that are liquid or cream should be applied in a small portion in the area and blend it very lightly with your fingers. If you are going to use it as a powder, apply and blend with the help of a brush.

The application is on the outside of the tear duct, in the area between the tear duct and the septum. Under the eyebrows, in the arch to make the eyelid look higher. Use under lashes at the bottom to cover pesky dark circles.

Use eyeliner and if you are going to use shadows make sure that these are the most suitable tones.

It is true that there are eyes of all sizes and colors, and each one is beautiful by its nature, so apply these tips to brighten the eyes and make them look radiant.

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