What do you see first? Your answer could say a lot about you

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What do you see first Your answer could say a

Many times from a single image you can get many clues about how you think, how you feel and how you behave. Especially when it comes to photos that contain different figures, like this one! One person may see the partner first, while another the baby. The first shape you see can reveal a lot about your personality.

If you saw the couple first

If the first thing you noticed in this photo is the couple, then we can say that you have a very adventurous personality and a passion for life. Love for yourself is a vital part of your well-being and thanks to your passion you face everything in a positive way, and this makes you especially loved by those around you.

If there is a person who does not like you, it may be because of your arrogance that you sometimes forget to control. You are very loyal and the relationships you build are built on solid foundations, so they stand the test of time. You just have to be more careful not to exaggerate how amazing your relationship is, as there are a lot of naysayers out there…

Your interest may revolve around your partner and you do your best to keep the flame burning. That’s great, but you shouldn’t forget to take care of your friends.

If the first thing you saw was the forest

If you saw the branches and trees first, you are someone who has a very outgoing personality who manages to reconcile personal, work and family life with great success. In short, you have found the secret to making your everyday life enjoyable and meaningful. You have a talent for diplomacy and handle difficult situations with great skill.

As for your flaws, the one that stands out the most is your bad mood. Strange swings in your mood can tire out those close to you and cause friction out of the blue.
During this period, you put yourself first and take an interest in how to improve in all areas. Introspection never hurt anyone, but don’t be too hard on yourself.

If you were even more observant…

If the first thing you saw was the baby

If when seeing the image the first thing you detected was the figure of the baby, it means that you are a very discreet person, who will never deny anyone your help. You sympathize easily and try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes to understand them. This is not always a good thing as there have been quite a few people in your life who have taken advantage of this.

You are one of the most smiley and pleasant people anyone will meet and your engaging honesty attracts the interest of those around you. Perhaps your most “serious” defect is that you are stubborn and do not change your mind easily; in fact, sometimes you even try to impose them on those close to you.

In these moments of your life your priority is your family, for which you would even sacrifice yourself to please them. But don’t forget to take care of yourself too!

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