What is the Bixie haircut and why is it so flattering?

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What is the Bixie haircut and why is it so

Looking for a new hairstyle? Are you open to cutting your hair more, do you want a pixie type but you are not so convinced which one is right for you? Maybe you’ve considered a bob for a second, but you want something that’s a little different and a little edgier than the classic.

If you’re craving a modern, flattering haircut but don’t know exactly what you want, we might have the perfect style: the bixie, a pixie-like bob that celebrities like Kristen Stewart have opted for. and they look great. Here’s what you need to know before running to your salon and applying for this sleek and attractive look. bixie haircut.

What is a bixie haircut?

Nice name, but what exactly is a bixie and what should you expect? The bixie is a traditional bob haircut that is combined with a pixie. The great thing about a bixie is its versatility – not only can you adjust the length and opt to have it a bit longer, but there’s no one way to go when it comes to styling. The cut is fully customizable to your preferences.

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For example, while Kristen Stewart sometimes shows off the rocker-style cut with grown out highlights and loose layers, you can wear it sleek and straight, sometimes accessorized with sparkly barrettes in a nod to the ’90s. Bottom line: the bixie haircut it provides a few more styling opportunities than you might get from a shorter pixie.

Which facial features does he show the most?

Good news: short haircuts, including bixie ones, can work on anyone. The key to choosing the right cut to accentuate your best features lies in the length and texture that best suits your face shape (ie heart, diamond, round, etc.).

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Before your stylist starts cutting, talk about the features you want to bring out as a focal point—your cheekbones, eyes, or jawline—to give them a better idea of ​​how to make the look work for you.

The bixie cut for gray hair

A bixie cut is also flattering for gray hair. Women with fine hair look vibrant with the bixie lifting effect. Best of all, the bixie can be modified to fit your face shape for a youthful, edgy look.

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What types of hair does the bixie haircut work best with?

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The great thing about a bixie is that it works well for both fine and thick hair due to the amount of layering and texturing. That said, always check with your stylist and show them a picture of the exact bixie look you’re trying to achieve, as some styles may not work very well on very thick or ultra-thick hair.

What else women should know before ordering this cut

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The bixie cut is a bold option which can be difficult to pull off, but it’s also a low-maintenance cut to style in between salon visits. However, like most short cuts, it requires a lot more freshness than you’re used to, which means you may visit your stylist more often than you’re used to (every 4-6 weeks maybe).

If all of that sounds good to you, the bixie might just be your haircut made in heaven.

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