What is the ideal haircut for your face?

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What is the ideal haircut for your face

If you want to define which haircut is best for you, you must first identify the shape of your face; Well, this information will be your best tool when choosing a good cut.

So much so, that a good professional or stylist bases his strategy; in cutting a person’s hair according to the type of her face.

The proper haircut It is the one that accentuates the flattering features of your face and hides those aspects that are not so flattering. Additionally, it can improve your image as a whole.

We have, then, to evaluate between the different face shapes, and with that reference choose the cut that best suits you; depending on whether it suits your facial type and the objective.

The human face, in general terms, is framed in at least seven fairly defined basic shapes: The oval, the diamond shape, the round, the square, the rectangular, the elongated and the triangular.

For each of these shapes there are different cut and hairstyle options, or at least the right suggestion to carry some style.

Haircut for an oval face

This is the type of face that we could consider ideal, since the proportions are harmonious, so almost all cuts will make you look great.

When choosing, the shortest are the ones that will best mark the attractiveness of your features.

Something to remember: Do not adopt hairstyles with bangs, as they will make your face look more oval.

oval face haircut

Haircut for a diamond face

You can bet on a medium length of hair to combine with a beard that makes your cheekbones stand out.

In this sense, the hipster style of haircuts offers different alternatives for this type of face; as well as options in toupees and updos that are sure to draw attention before your features.

Cut for a diamond face

Haircut for a round face

Our recommendation is a long cut that allows to attenuate the perception of roundness a little.

An example would be to bet on a medium length of hair, or take more volume of hair up so that the eyes go to that point.

Another suggestion is the cut with a parting, which also seeks to raise your profile and attenuate the roundness of your face and make it look much more attractive and well defined.

round face haircut

Haircut for a square face

The ideal cut for this type of face will be one that softens the features.

What we must do is highlight the angles of the face that are not so marked, so a cut with plenty of hair in the middle and both sides shaved is the best option.

The bangs also apply correctly to this type of features.

square face cut

Haircut for a rectangular face

With this cut we seek to attenuate the perception of width of the face, so the volume towards the forehead, or perhaps some bangs, may be the best alternative to attenuate the hardness of these features.

Men who have curly hair should strive to take advantage of those curls so that they are the ones that attract the eyes.

rectangular face haircut

Haircut for a long face

If what you want is that the face does not look very long, you have to find a way to use a cut in which the greatest volume of hair goes to the sides of the head; leaving a part to bring it towards the forehead.

With this type of face, the volume on the sides is the most effective way to “widen” the perception of it.

haircut for long face

Haircut for a triangular face

The bangs are once again the best allies of men who have a wide forehead that gives the face that triangular shape.

However, also the cuts that include striped hairstyles are usually very effective to hide a forehead that is somewhat prominent.

There are alternatively the classic cuts, such as the so-called “pompadour” or also the “quif” that will not leave them in a bad way.

The cuts of this type are reminiscent of those toupees of a lifetime, due to the similarity they bear; although these have the sides a little lower.

Triangular face haircut

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