What to do to prevent clothes from smelling moldy after washing?

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What to do to prevent clothes from smelling moldy after

Many times when freshly washed clothes are taken out of the washing machine, they have a strong musty odor.even Even if you put fabric softener on it. Do you have to change the washing machine to remove the smell?

Solutions to make clothes smell better after washing

If your clothes smell bad after washing them, there are a few things you can try, and they don’t necessarily mean changing washers.

Vinegar so clothes don’t smell musty

One solution is to put 1 cup of vinegar in the wash before it starts. Apply the detergent and fabric softener regularly and the result will reward you.

If the above doesn’t give you the desired result, try doing the same with 1 cup of ammonia. This is a trick our grandmothers used.

vinegar and baking soda

If your clothes still don’t smell completely clean and don’t softentry the “heavy artillery”. The combination of vinegar and baking soda will remove any odor. Pour the mixture into the washing machine and wash normally. The important thing and should not be forgotten is to wash clothes with hot water and not with cold water.

After the washedDon’t forget your clothes in the washing machine. She takes it out immediately and spreads it out to dry naturally.

Put the clothes to soak

If the musty smell does not go away by hanging the clothes in an airy place, you should soak them in a bucket with some laundry soap, which gives it a pleasant fragrance. Afterwards, rinse the clothes and hang them outdoors.

It is very considerable to clean the washing machine frequently

Lastly, it is crucial to clean your washing machine frequently. Pour baking soda inside and let her do a full wash without clothes. Also, after each use of the washing machine, leave it open to ventilate and not favor the growth of mold.

Of course, you should consult the washing instructions and do not use these tips on very delicate fabrics.

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