What you saw first in this image may reveal what you are trying to hide.

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test imagen arbol

Personality tests, in addition to being very fun, can help us get to know ourselves better. However, in some cases like this, they also reveal aspects of ourselves that we would like to keep well hidden…

What do you see first?

If the first thing you saw was the girl

If the first thing you saw is the girl, it means that you are a very tender and affectionate person who constantly thinks about those around him. You like to give love generously and you never get tired of listening and finding solutions to the problems of your loved ones.

You seem sure of yourself, but deep down you feel insecure about how others see you, which is why you often put yourself second and cater to the needs and wants of others.

If you saw the face first

If the face formed by the trees was the first thing to catch your interest, then you are a very passionate and independent person. You like to work hard and prove your worth both to yourself and to those around you. You don’t worry about work-life balance as you find time for both.

However, despite your extroversion and energy, you find it difficult to connect with other people and find more pleasure in spending time alone than in interacting with those around you.

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