What you see first reveals aspects of who you are

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What you see first reveals aspects of who you are

Like a classic inkblot test, abstract images and the way we interpret art can reveal remarkable details about hidden aspects of our way of being or personality and the way we think.

The psychological benefits of viewing art can also be wonderful, as art encourages creative thinking, increases brain connectivity and plasticity, and also increases empathy, tolerance, and feelings of love.

Studies have found that mental decline is primarily due to loss of communication between brain cells, not the death of the brain cells themselves. Art can be helpful for both hemispheres of the brain to communicate with each other, and it also improves problem-solving skills.

In a study of more than 10,000 students, researchers found that a one-hour visit to an art museum changed the way they think and feel. Students who visited an art museum not only showed greater critical thinking skills, but also showed greater empathy towards the way people lived in the past and expressed greater tolerance towards people different from themselves.

Simply looking at art has also been found to give pleasure, as does falling in love. Brain scans revealed that looking at works of art triggers a surge of dopamine in the same area of ​​the brain that registers romantic love.

Yes ok the meaning of the interpretation of what you see is up to youUltimately, keep an open mind and perhaps you can learn something interesting, new and enjoy the wonderful benefits that come from spending a few moments enjoying works of art.

What you see first reveals hidden aspects of who you are

Pay attention to what is the first thing you see when you see this image:

1. The Knight in Armor

If the first thing you saw in the image was a knight in armor, this represents your desire to enjoy life and have fun, however, there may be some heavy inner emotional walls you have put up to protect yourself from harm.

You may have a deep desire for friendship and loving connections in your life, and the steady presence of a loved and caring one. Spend some time allowing your feelings to open up through the practice of self-compassion; Start with healthy personal affirmations like:

“I’m lovable, I’m good enough, I’m worthy of love and stability in my life.”

Then take some time in a quiet place and focus on the feeling of love in your heart. Once you can consistently feel the feeling of love, begin to bring that love to your “other self” who cares about those hurt feelings that may have originated in the past.

Talk to this past self, express to it how much you love it, as consciously feeling the feeling of love towards this part of you will cause it to open up, relax and eventually heal.

Having ways to distract yourself can also be quite helpful; make regular plans with friends and family you feel really good to be around, take a yoga class or fitness class, volunteer for a charity with other like-minded people to make friends.

The sky is the limit, and your wonderful and supportive friends are waiting for you.

2. If you see the two dancers first, this reveals your way of being

The two dancers represent your romantic attitude about the world, however it is one that you may sometimes try to hide. You may deeply value some of the close people in your life, yet you can’t tell them how incredibly important they are to you as often as you’d like.

Consider thinking of a few little things that you really appreciate about them, and then the next time you meet them, express from your heart how much you really love and appreciate having them in your life.

An example of something you could say is; “You know, I don’t always say it enough, but I really, deeply appreciate how often you call me to see if I’m okay. I just want you to know how much I love you and really appreciate your calls. Thank you very much”. It could be a big thing or a small thing to mention to this wonderful person, but the important thing is that you can communicate your sincere love and appreciation to them.

The two dancers can also represent a somewhat hidden desire to have more fun in your life, so consider trying something new, whether it’s taking an interesting class, learning to draw or paint, traveling to a new place, or even reading a book about a new topic that you like.

3. Face of the older man

If the first thing you saw was the older man’s face, it means you can see the bigger picture in life without getting lost in the details, but it also means you could be in a moment of reflection as you look back at precious moments in your life. life.

Sometimes there are moments in our lives when a soft call of what is really important to us in our hearts speaks to us and takes us to a place of stillness and “knowing” within.

We begin to think of times when our hearts wanted to express themselves more, a person we wanted to show more love to, a kindness we wish we had given, or even a time when we felt really happy to be alive and our heart remembers the deep loving gratitude that we still feel for the people who helped us in those beautiful moments.

The key to remember during these moments of honest reflection is that you are presented with something to learn; something to satisfy the needs of your heart and to satisfy the inner request of your heart.

The past is a lesson we can use to learn from and help us live better today, so if your heart and mind are lovingly recounting something from your past, think about how you could bring that same love and kindness into your life today.

Maybe someone really helped you at a vulnerable time in your life, and their kindness touched you and helped you become the kind and caring person you are today.

Consider the ways you could pass on this same kindness to someone you meet, even a stranger, knowing that this act of love can help them in ways you can never imagine. Your heart wants to expand in this form of love.

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