Why do clothes smell bad after washing?

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Why do clothes smell bad after washing

Washing machines that are used frequently can emit bad odors over time. However, you can avoid this problem with some practical methods that you can apply.

We all know how calm it is to lie down in a clean bed. But like everything good has its difficulties, doing laundry is not an easy task. Especially clothes that smell bad after washing.

We will tell you a secret why clothes smell bad after washing and what you can do to prevent this smell from occurring.

Sort the colors, throw the clothes into the machine, choose the right detergent and pour it into the washing machine, after waiting for a while, take the clothes out of the machine and dry them. And it is really disappointing to see the smell of clothes after all the trouble, but now you will understand how to prevent bad smell from forming on clothes.

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First, let’s clear up why freshly washed clothes stink.

Mold builds up in washing machines due to washing, and this mold can permeate washed clothes, sheets and curtains. This mold consists of an oily substance and can easily transmitted to the fabric of clothing.

So why does this greasy mold occur?

Smelly clothes in the washing machine

Usually a combination of skin flakes, body oils, and laundry detergent. clothes create a musty oily substance that causes bad odors in clothes.

Also, using only liquid laundry detergent and running the machine on a low temperature are also causes of this mold.

The most practical and safest solution to avoid this bad smell is that you do not put detergent in your washing machine, just put a dishwasher tablet in it and throw away the dirty clothes. After setting it to high temperature, your washing machine will smell as clean as the first day and you will not have bad odor problems in your next washes.

Another option could be to do a wash without clothes and only with white vinegar instead of soap. This will not only remove the mold, but it will also clean the inside of the washing machine, removing soap and detergent residue.

Tips to have less clothes toxic

On the other hand, it is important to use soaps that are biodegradable, since it is often the scents and dyes that cause the problem of irritated skin. Most laundry detergents and fabric softeners include them, including some products marketed for baby clothes. Therefore, you should avoid them. Look for detergents without perfume or dyes and that are biodegradable.

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