Why is menopause related to weight gain?

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Why is menopause related to weight gain

How does menopause affect weight? In this article we will see how diet plays a very important role during menopause, even before, since weight gain is one of the main situations that women face at this stage of their lives.

Weight gain during menopause is not just accidental. Rather, it is due to many different factors, the most important of which are listed below.

How does it affect the weight of women?

  • Changes in the hormonal profile: The drop in estrogen increases the deposition of fat in the body.
  • loss of muscle mass: With age and changes in hormone levels, muscle mass tends to decrease, especially if there is a lack of physical activity. However, muscle mass is “metabolically active,” meaning that muscle mass constantly consumes (burns) calories to maintain itself. Therefore, a decrease in muscle mass implies a reduction in basal metabolism and, consequently, an easier fat deposit.
  • insufficient sleep: As we discussed earlier, due to hormonal changes and hot flashes, menopause is often characterized by poor quality and insufficient sleep. Lack of sleep increases the secretion of ghrelin, the hunger hormone that leads to increased food consumption and possible weight gain. In fact, lack of sleep is specifically linked to increased abdominal fat.
  • insulin resistance: During menopause a decrease in sensitivity and resistance to insulin is often noted. Insulin resistance (basic lipogenic hormone) slows down weight loss: fat.

menopause toochanges the points of fat deposition in the body

Menopause not only increases fat deposition, but also changes the fat deposition points in the body. More specifically, fat storage moves from the hips, thighs, and abdomen. In this way, it negatively affects health, since abdominal fat is defined as «metabolically dangerous«.

All of the above makes weight loss during menopause more demanding. But be careful, it makes it more demanding, but not impossible.

Diet and self-knowledge will play a fundamental role in losing weight during menopause.

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