Why you should put baking soda in the corners of the windows

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Why you should put baking soda in the corners of

Baking soda can not only be of great help for health issues and natural remedies, it has been shown to be an excellent agent for various problems that can occur in the home and garden.

Baking soda in the corners of the windows

On this occasion, some frequent problems are mentioned that can affect the windows of any home, either due to the time of year or due to other factors.

1. It can absorb moisture

Baking soda can be helpful for moisture absorption and control. Like many other salts, sodium bicarbonate is a hygroscopic substance. That is, it is capable of absorbing and attracting water molecules from its surroundings, which helps reduce the moisture content of nearby substrates and surfaces and dries them.

When baking soda is placed in moist air or near wet surfaces and objects, such as windows, water molecules are attracted to the baking soda (or any other hygroscopic substance), either to fuse with other molecules that cause changes physical and chemical or simply to remain on the surface.

2. Keeps insects away

A pinch of baking soda on window frames (rails) will repel slugs, snails, cockroaches, and ants.

Simply put the baking soda in a flour sieve and sift it lightly over the ground. Prevent dry dust from falling on plant leaves.

3. Prevent mold and also exterminate it

As mentioned above, bicarbonate is hygroscopic. It means that it can absorb water from surrounding objects, making them drier and, as a result, less likely to develop mold, thus preventing fungal growth in the corners of windows, where there tends to be more moisture build-up.

But, what happens when the fungus is in formation or already formed?

Baking soda can be helpful in stopping mold growth in its early stages before it becomes a source of concern. Also, if the fungus is formed, baking soda kills mold by exposing them to a harsh environment in which they cannot survive.

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