With this method your bananas will last much longer.

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With this method your bananas will last much longer

Often when we buy bananas in the supermarket, we realize how in a few days this fruit tends to rot and turn black. However, there is a particular method of conservation; this It will help us keep the bananas intact for longer.

Following a varied and nutrient-rich diet is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, our body is a perfect machine, but in order to function properly, it needs to be properly nourished.

When it comes to eating well, we can’t fail to mention the importance of consuming the right amount of fruits and vegetables every day. In fact, both are considered natural sources of vitamins and minerals. Bananas are also among the most popular fruits.

In fact, they are perfect to add to a delicious cake, energy shakes or, alternatively, even to eat on their own, especially for athletes in full action.

Regarding the nutritional properties, it is known that bananas contain a lot of potassium, as well as a moderate amount of vitamin A; B vitamins and vitamin C.

However, all of us, buying bananas, have certainly encountered a problem – after a few days this fruit begins to darken and rot.

How to store bananas

We’ve certainly tried everything to try and make sure this doesn’t happen, but to no avail. Let’s discover together, in this sense, a particular trick. Although it has a series of steps to carry out carefully, it will help us keep the bananas in good condition for two good years.

With this method your bananas will last much longer

Keeping bananas for more than a few days without rotting seems impossible, but nothing is, especially if you know the right tips and remedies.

1. Keep them cool and protected from light

Bananas should be stored at around 12°C as they will ripen faster if they are too hot. A darker room without direct sunlight is ideal. Therefore, a warm kitchen is not the best place for your bananas.

2. Put them in the fridge

If you want to store your bananas properly, you can certainly keep them in the fridge. However, they should be ripe when you place them, as they won’t ripen further in the cool environment.

It doesn’t matter at all if the skin turns brown as a result of the cold, it won’t affect the flavor (at least once you’re not eating the skin).

3. Use the juice trick

Once a banana is cut and exposed to air, it will quickly turn brown. If you want to keep the banana slices fresh, sprinkle some lemon juice or pineapple juice over them; this is particularly delicious in fruit salads.

If the fruit slices are also tightly wrapped and stored in a cool place, they will remain appetizing for longer.

4. Freeze them

did you know Bananas can even be frozen to keep them fresh for longer. In this case, it is also best to use only ripe fruit.

  • Peel the plantains (otherwise the skin will become mushy when thawed), then puree or slice.
  • Freeze the slices on a tray to prevent them from sticking together. Banana puree freezes best in ice cube trays.
  • Then pop them in a freezer bag!

Frozen bananas can keep for up to 6 weeks and are ideal for portioning. Simply add the frozen servings directly to a smoothie or let them thaw in the fridge.

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