With this rice water your plants will grow very fast

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With this rice water your plants will grow very fast

Keeping our plants alive, vigorous and beautiful is sometimes not an easy task. Although we take care of them and apply all the recommendations as they give us, not all of them remain in good condition.

Often this happens because they do not have enough light or lack energy. In short, because they are unable to complete the photosynthesis cycle, which is the most necessary for a plant. Photosynthesis is carried out thanks to the starch component that they possess and accumulate to grow accordingly. But if this element is missing, our plants will look ugly and dull.

But there is an ingredient that can be of great help in dealing with this problem. According to gardeners, using leftover rice water for plants helps your indoor garden thrive. This is what science says about the growth trick.

Rice water to care for plants

Rice is very versatile: it is a staple in countless dishes, pairs well with almost any seasoning, and can be eaten by vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

And because it’s packed with vitamins and nutrients, it’s no wonder people have even been using rice water for hair growth; It has been shown to help create thicker, fuller locks.

Using rice water for hair is just one way to reduce waste. Another way is to use your rice water to feed your houseplants. Rice water releases nutrients that are great for plants, and even promotes beneficial bacteria on the roots of plants.

Preparation with rice water

With this rice water your plants will grow very fast

With all of the above in mind, in this article we will teach you how to make an effective preparation that is ecological and above all free. And thus, your indoor plants will always look overflowing and full of life.

Items you will need:

  • A bowl.
  • Rice.
  • Water.
  • A colander.


  1. As a first step, blunt the container, which must be large.
  2. Put a portion of rice inside.
  3. Add 2 or 3 parts of water.
  4. Let stand.
  5. Now with your fingers stir the rice to make starch production more efficient.
  6. You will notice that the water in your bowl has changed color to an almost white shade. This is because the rice has released its load of starch into the water.
  7. Finally strain the water, and of course you can reuse the rice for cooking.
  8. It is time to water all your plants, especially the ones that you notice duller with this solution.
  9. Keep in mind that the solution you prepared is used the same day, it is not reusable because it will lose its properties.
  10. Once you have watered, repeat this at least every 15 or 20 days.

Little by little you will notice how your plants change drastically and become healthy and full of energy.

There is another way you can get your rice water. For this, only prepare your rice when you make the meal, and when it is cooked, when straining it, use the water. Just keep in mind that this cooking should be done without adding salt, as this will prevent the desired effect.

Why do our plants need starch?

Our plants store starch in their roots. This carbohydrate, unlike the others, is presented as a group of particles.

This starch, which is already in our plants, is stored in the chloroplasts to be slowly degraded and thus the plant uses it to energize itself during the night hours, when photosynthesis does not take place.

Starch is, therefore, the fundamental source of energy and carbon that they need for their metabolism.

Starch is obtained only from plants that synthesize it from carbon dioxide and the water contained in the earth or soil at the time of photosynthesis and thanks to this they obtain all the nutrients to fulfill all their functions.

For this reason, we already know how important it is for our plants to have sufficient starch reserves, and that with this explanation of how to make this simple energizer, we can help them to be healthy and strong.

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