Women need this from a relationship as well as intimacy.

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lo que las mujeres necesitan

It is possible that you identify with not knowing what the women need in a relationship. It can backfire when you think you’re doing the right thing because it’s not what a woman needs.

Sometimes it seems like you try everything to make them happy, but it gets you nowhere. You may feel like you can’t do anything right, but that’s not the case. Instead, you can’t seem to do what women want or need because it’s different from what men need.

Satisfy the emotional needs of a woman it can help her open up to you. Understanding what women need can make all the difference and improve your relationship. You will also learn to communicate better and reduce and overcome conflict more easily.

What women need from a relationship

Women want you to know what they need from the relationship. They don’t keep it a secret on purpose, and you can understand them better knowing these things, which may sound demanding when for you, love is summed up more in intimacy, but deep down, if they are done in balance, they are simple needs that demand attention. adequate to feel valued.

Women need someone they can count on

Women want to know that they can count on you, especially when life gets tough. Having someone run or break down when things go wrong can make her feel like her emotional needs are not being met. Facing problems head-on shows her that she can count on you to protect and help her.

Having someone you can count on also describes a partner who does what they say they will do. When things don’t get done when you said they would, a woman loses confidence.

respect and appreciation

Feeling respected by their partner is a necessity for women, and they often feel like they have to compete when they don’t receive respect. Doing things to make him feel like a valued equal within the relationship can make all the difference. She also needs someone to make her feel loved.

Complimenting your partner shows that you appreciate what they do and bring to your relationship. It reassures her that you value her, so don’t be afraid to tell her often.

Showing respect shows him what a good partner he has and increases his happiness levels. It indicates a good person who embraces his relationships with his loved ones.

Some ways to show appreciation and respect include the following:

  • Involve her in decisions
  • open the door
  • pull out your chair
  • Do things when you promised
  • Share household responsibilities
  • Do nice things without being asked
  • Give things that make you think of her
  • Express gratitude for what you do
  • Praise her privately and socially

feel loved and appreciated

Women need to feel loved and appreciated before you can relax and open up in a relationship. She wants to know that you prioritize her over your career, other people, or hobbies. Women want to know that they have the support and presence of their partner and that they hear what is important to them.

Putting a woman first doesn’t mean you can never spend time with other people or do things alone. However, it does mean that when she needs you, you’ll be there no matter what. When a woman feels loved and appreciated, she will trust you more to go out and have fun without her.

Making a woman feel loved does not require grand gestures. It just requires little things to show that she is on your mind. Some things you can do include the following:

  • Send sweet text messages throughout the day
  • rub his back
  • Surprise her with her favorite latte or treat
  • Plan fun activities, even when you stay home
  • When she feels loved, the relationship improves and involves less arguing, more physical affection, and positive energy. On the other hand, if she doesn’t feel wanted, it can trigger more tension and lack of trust.

Feel safe and protected

Women want to feel safe enough to be themselves, embrace their sexuality, and trust their partners. They want to know that their relationship is a safe space where she can be vulnerable. She also wants to acknowledge that you value who she is and that you can handle her vulnerability.

It involves listening to her, listening to her concerns or ideas, and experiencing growth together. Don’t judge her or she’ll feel like you can’t with who she is. When she feels safe, she will strengthen her relationship and may heal emotional damage.

Some of the ways that you can make her feel safe often include the following:

  • holding her hand in public
  • Staying close to her during social functions
  • give him long hugs
  • Tell her that you will always be there for her
  • let it relax around you
  • Show him that you can handle emotions
  • Build trust and show that you trust her
  • Be tolerant and not judge
  • Do not lie or misrepresent
  • Take charge of situations when she feels overwhelmed

healthy communication

Women need healthy communication with their partners to feel satisfaction in the relationship. Communication is essential to building a strong relationship, giving you a deeper emotional connection. Also, since women often think too much, they need your openness to keep them from stressing over what’s on their mind.

Discuss important aspects of your relationship and your life. Talking about finances, job opportunities or losses, decisions about your home, or things that affect your family are essential to maintaining a strong relationship.

A good conversation can lead to more pleasant moments. Even with different opinions, arguments can make you feel closer. It doesn’t have to become an argument when you discuss things you don’t always agree on.

However, all couples experience conflict at times that require healthy communication. When it happens, focus on communication and listening to your partner. It can help you overcome problems while you deepen your bond.

Communicating with a woman also requires expressing yourself honestly. Do not agree with her to avoid a fight because she will realize that the problem was not solved.

Listen to what he says and answer honestly. She wants to know what you think, and it’s the only way you’ll feel like you can use communication to solve problems.

Some ways to improve communication in your relationship include the following:

  • Repeat what your partner said to check that you understood
  • Don’t walk away when you’re frustrated
  • Being honest about how you feel and what you think
  • strike up a deep conversation

Feeling seen and understood

Women want to know that their partner sees and understands them. Making your woman feel this way shows that you see and understand her emotional state.

She needs to know that you know when she’s upset, angry, or experiencing other strong emotions. When she thinks you don’t see it, she’ll wonder if she can trust you to help her get through things. She will feel that you are not emotionally supportive, making her feel lonely.

Show your partner that you see their emotional state and understand their feelings. She will remind her that she is not alone and that she can turn to you for support.

When a woman gets angry or upset, part of understanding her is knowing when she doesn’t want a solution. She sometimes wants to let off steam and know that you are listening to her without listening to advice on what to do.

In addition to acknowledging your emotional state, you can also limit distractions while talking to your partner. It will let her know that your attention is on her and helps improve eye contact.

You don’t have to wait for a woman to be sad so that she feels seen and understood. You can also tell her that she looks good when she dresses or does her hair. Remind her that you enjoy looking at her and still see her beauty.


Women need to know that their partner wants to spend time with them. Do things that let him know that you value the things you do together, and do your best to make it happen. Plan things that show how much you value her, and take time to relax with her at home. These little things can make all the difference by showing him that he has your time.

Some of the ways you can spend time with your partner include doing the following things together:

  • Attend couples therapy
  • Go on regular mini-vacations
  • be vulnerable
  • Prioritize building a connection
  • learn a new hobby
  • Going to social gatherings with other couples
  • Exercising or going for a walk
  • Have a day without technology
  • do something adventurous
  • Reserve time for regular date nights
  • Find something to laugh about
  • cook a new recipe

Final thoughts

Understanding what women need from a relationship can help strengthen your relationship. You will know how to satisfy their emotional needs, which will allow you to deepen your bond and build trust.

Your partner won’t even care if you ask them specifically what they need from you. While the tips above can help, every woman is different, and yours might call for something more. It also saves her from having to guess what need she needs to work on.

Focusing on your partner’s emotional needs builds your relationship in ways you may not have thought of before. You will feel closer, trust more, and have many positive memories together.

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